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Q&A w/ Stealth! 💊

STEALTH's latest single, 'Side Effects' will be out on all stores tomorrow (March 12th!).

In the meantime, we have conjured up a Q&A with the artist, to find out more about his style, what to expect from 'Side Effects' and an exclusive snippet into the track!

You can also pre-save 'Side Effects' for tomorrow's release date here:


Q1. Hello Stealth and welcome to Full Flex Audio! Please could you start by saying a little bit about yourself and how you got into the dubstep scene?

"A friend introduced me to riddim a few years back and I remember feeling kinda at home with the whole vibe of the music. Since then I've been working on tunes almost every day, I've never made “real riddim” myself, but I try to keep some of the simple, flowy nature of it in my tunes, yet with a more futuristic, digital twist. My tunes feature lots of warm, moving quarter note subs combined with higher pitched beep boop sounds to create a very computery, internet-music vibe."

Q2. We ask this question to a lot of artists that jump on a Q&A, but what advice would you give to someone that is starting out in making music?

"Release a new tune every 2 weeks and keep it up for a year, but also make sure every release is top quality, its better to take a short break than to release a weak tune. It definitely helps to find some kind of unique way of manipulating your sounds because there's a ton of really talented producers out there, so you will have to stand out in some way. Just learn as much as you can, exchange knowledge with other producers and keep grinding!"

Q3. What/who are your influences/inspirations into making your own music?

"Different science fiction things are probably my biggest inspiration. Most of the time when I make my own sounds I just try to replicate the vibe of sci-fi games by making computer sounds, as well as robotic announcement voices or engines/weapons/sensors powering up. I also think that the beeping from my microwave is the most pleasing sound known to mankind"

Q4. With electronic music and the dubstep scene especially changing so much, where do you see the future of music as a whole going?

"It's hard to tell because there are sooo many emerging styles right now. There's probably going to be a lot more melodic tunes, and it's kinda refreshing in my opinion because there was so much dark dubstep over the recent years. Also I'm starting to hear more and more artists making tunes that sound like a Walmart self checkout line with that whole “beep boop” aesthetic and I'm really happy about it!"

Q5. When creating music, what are your go to plugins for production?

"My favourite plugin is probably Harmor, it has some really unique ways of changing the timbre of your sounds, as well as the ability to make custom filters, resonance maps and phasers. I use it a lot in combination with the effects from kHz Phaseplant to create my signature synths."

Q6. When you are creating a new track, where do you start first? Is it the drums, the main sound design, atmosphere or something else?

"I always start with drums and sub bass. It makes the mixdown of every new element that's introduced a lot easier because its like an anchor point to figure out how loud everything else needs to be in relation to it. It also helps by providing context once I start working on synths, because its easier to work on a synth melody if u have a structure to follow."

Q7. What’s your most favourite style of music? And what is your least favourite style of music?

"My favourite style is probably Neuro Hop, the sound design skill of producers in that genre is just incredible and its such a joy to listen to and absorb all the details. I don't really have any least favourite style of music, I believe there is at least a few nice tunes in every genre."

Q8. Do you have any other hobbies besides music production?

"Not really, I'm staying pretty dedicated to the whole music thing, it is a very time consuming hobby after all. I do play a bunch of video games, but it's mostly story driven games or weird niche multiplayer things. I also just enjoy art in general, it doesn't have to be music, but I really like the abstract expression of thoughts and emotions that it can provide. I mostly do things that help me get inspiration for my music in some way."


Get ready for Stealth's latest single 'Side Effects' dropping tomorrow, pre-save here!

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