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"Exclusive Q&A: Flourish Core, DGE, and Khelic Discuss Their Upcoming Release on 'Trinity #7'

We have gathered all 3 artists from this edition of Trinity, to share their thoughts on their upcoming song, what techniques they used in their productions, plus a whole lot more!


Flourish Core:

What was the inspiration behind the atmosphere and emotional depth of "Desolation"?

"I was looking to make a song with a space atmosphere, I wanted to capture how it feels to be lost in space and I feel that it was achieved very well."

Can you walk us through your creative process when creating "Desolation," from the early stages to final production?

"I wanted to try something outside of what I usually do, out of the melodies and chords as always, I wanted to try something more focused on bass design and harmonization."

How do you hope listeners will interpret the narrative or emotions conveyed in "Desolation"?

"I feel that more than the emotional aspect, I feel that this song is a good letter of introduction for a new audience. I feel that more than the emotional aspect, I feel that this song is a good letter of introduction for a new audience, because it captures well all the aspects of my music: Full of energy, good melodies and a defined aesthetic."


"Boiling Point" carries great force throughout. What influenced the creation of this high-energy track?

"After listening to a lot of tracks with a powerful sub, I wanted to create something unique with the sub. The idea for the music's sound design and flow came from that."

What techniques did you employ to capture the raw energy and aggression that defines "Boiling Point"?

"I employed a new method that I hadn't used before. I made a gun bass out of a small white noise transient. I put on my rack, which has a resonator effect and shifts the frequency."

In what ways do you think "Boiling Point" reflects your evolution as an artist compared to your previous works?

In my opinion, it exhibits the variety of styles and atmospheres I am capable of conveying in a song. This song has a distinct vibe from all of my other songs. It's the darkest thing I have ever done.


"Six" showcases a unique blend of textures and rhythms. What inspired you to experiment with such sounds and structures in this track?

"I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and allow my musicality to flow through this song as I was writing it. I got the idea for the underneath riddim synth while watching Maddubz rampage set on YouTube. I thought that would sound funny but it ended up fitting really nicely with the stompy sound design."

Could you delve into the significance behind the title "Six" and how it relates to the overall theme or message of the song?

"I made this song as I was watching ‘Demon Slayer’. The title ‘six’ refers to one of the Demons, ‘upper six’. My brain randomly decided to name the song ‘six’ so I made a fitting vocal sample and decided to roll with it haha. The Kanji on the art reads ‘upper six’, which refers to the eyes symbol from one of the characters in ‘Demon Slayer’."

How do you balance experimentation with coherence in your music, especially evident in a song like "Six"?

"It was definitely hard to find a balance between experimentation and still keep this song flow as I wanted it to. It takes a lot of trial and error before I find something that I’m satisfied with."


Trinity #7 comes out for free download, on Friday!

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