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"Inside the '500MHZ' Remix EP: Exclusive Q&A with the Artists & Next Remix Challenge Sneak Peek"

With the release of the '500MHZ' remix EP well and truly underway, we decided to gather the artists together for a mini Q&A, asking some of the artists why they wanted to participate in the remix challenge in the first place, creative influences on their track and more.

Plus we exclusively reveal the next remix challenge right here, which starts on Monday, 15th of April!



Can you walk us through your creative process when remixing '500MHZ'?

"For me it always stays simple in the beginning and becomes more complex in the process. When myself and IT LIVES decided to do the remix, I immediately wanted to throw my processing chain on the 500MHZ basses. After that it was mostly try and error, hoping to find something cool."

Favourite song and why?

"Hechter’s remix I gotta say. I just love heavy dubstep."



Were there any challenges you faced during the remixing process? How did you overcome them?

"The biggest challenge for me is always to expand the track horizontally, not vertically. I still haven't found the answer on how not to abandon the track after a bunch of unsuccessful attempts to expand it, but one thing is for sure is that you just need to keep doing something, take breaks, try again, and in the end it will work."

Favourite song and why?

"I'm a big fan of halftime, so REKON got my heart with his remix :)"



Which elements of the original song did you find most inspiring?

"I really liked the stuttery pre-drop vocal it fully inspired the second drop flow."

Favourite song and why?

"SVRGXON and IT LIVES killed it and i love those guys (I just love angry music)."



Do you have any favorite moments or details in your remix that you're particularly proud of?

"I used tons of different granular techniques and plugins on the original stems to keep it sounding fresh and unique while still staying true to the original sound. My favorite moment in that process was around 0:55 with the machine gun-esque sounds and the tape stop effect at the end. I felt like that sound in particular helped bridge the gap between heavy DnB and dubstep."

Favourite song and why?

"I have to go with REKON, the flow and hip hop sub is such an awesome take on the original."



How does your remix reflect your unique style as an artist?

"Lately I feel like my style when it comes to making music has been all over the place, drawing inspiration from small elements of all kinds of other songs that I like particularly across dubstep and hip hop, with a few vintage samples sprinkled in, and I think this remix has got all of that. I also tried to do something a bit similar to my Cipher remix from 2022, going back to a little bit of hyperbounce, which I haven’t really done much since then until now."

Favourite song and why?

"I love IT LIVES & SVRGXON’S remix, I’m an absolute sucker for heavy tearout like that."


With the remix challenge for 500MHZ coming to an end, a new one begins...

Enter, the new remix challenge, which ends on June 10th!

Download the stems plus check out the rules/prizes here and get a head-start on everyone else!

Good luck with your remix, and we will see who the winners are, after June 10th!

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