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Monthly Roundup (August 2022)

August was a big month for releases on Full Flex Audio!

Firstly, we unleashed 'CRYPTID EP' with AKRASIA. An experimentally wild release, and a warm welcome back to Full Flex Audio for the heavier side of dubstep and EDM in general. Featuring collaborations with upcoming heavy hitter BLACK, and a gritty vocal feature from Serenity. If you are into the darker side of dubstep and EDM, this release is a perfect fit for you. Out on all stores now!

After CRYPTID EP, we unveiled our most ambitious, and biggest project to date. In collaboration with SILKENWOOD, we announced 'Umbra Divisa'; a 15-track compilation release, featuring regulars on each record label, as well as some new faces in and around the track-list. A project that had been in the works for almost one year, this compilation finally came to life on August 29th, and we could not be happier with the result of this release, from back to front, artwork to featuring tracks and more.

Stream and download 'Umbra Divisa' on your favourite platforms right here:

Stay tuned for another monthly roundup for September, as we gear towards another busy month in the schedule!

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