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Exclusive #5YearsofFFA Merchandise + Giveaway!

Introducing... Exclusive #5YearsofFFA merchandise! 👕🧢

To celebrate the 5 years of Full Flex Audio in style, we have established a brand new logo design, which will be used throughout the rest of this year carrying on until July 8th 2021.

We'd also like to open up this brand new design, with a giveaway available to all fans, artists and listeners! 🏆

To earn your place in this awesome giveaway, simply head to the link below at the end of this blog post and submit your entry! 👇 3️⃣ winners will be picked at random, to win a 5 Years of FFA shirt and snapback design, plus a few extras.

📅 Winners will be announced on the anniversary date, 8th of July! Good luck to all that enter this giveaway! 🙌

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