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5 Years of FFA (VIP Compilation!)

We are more than super excited to announce the final part of the #5YearsofFFA celebrations, that being a stacked and filled to the brim VIP Compilation, laced with FFA classics and new releases all getting the VIP treatment! From 'Bloodbath' to 'Retox', 'Perpetrators' to 'Bangers'; just to name a few! (With 13 tracks in total making up this huge release)

Full compilation will be out on July 8th, the date Full Flex Audio turns 5 years old!

We can't wait to reveal the full track-list for you all (30th June) and we hope you really enjoy the amount of effort that has went into this one from all artists involved!

Presave 'VIP Compilation' here: https://ffa.fanlink.to/VIP

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