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🔔 As part of the 5 year celebrations on Full Flex Audio, we are very excited to announce the start of a brand new remix competition, featuring 2 of the most popular tracks released on the record label.

'Psycho' by HURTBOX and DVRE, along with Madcore's fun and energetic track 'Retox' are both up for remixing, and now YOU can put your own spin on the originals.

📆 Competition ends on July 13th, 2020.

Download remix stems exclusively through our website.

🏅 Prizes include the top 2 remixes of each track will feature on a 'Remixes EP' to be released shortly after July 10th (plus more prizes to be announced with 5 year celebrations soon!)

📃 Rules and regulations can also be found through the new 'Remix Competition' tab on our website.

On behalf of the original artists involved, we cannot wait to hear what you have in store. Get creative with your remixes and let's see what you've got! 💪 #FFA5YearsRemix #5YearsofFFA

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