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5 Artists to Watch in 2021 (Part 2) 👀

We are back with part 2 of the '5 artists to watch in 2021' series! Since we are halfway through 2021, we would like to share some thoughts with 5 artists that will be releasing soon on FFA. Leave your comments at the end of this blog post if you are ready for the rest of 2021 on FFA!



OUTRAGE is an artist that from what we have noted, has continued to grow as an artist. From previous demo submissions, to now recently featuring on Disciple Round Table, OUTRAGE is fully developing a style to work on and flourish in the dubstep scene. Expect a couple of tracks coming soon from OUTRAGE in the forthcoming months ahead!


Another artist that is coming up very soon on Full Flex Audio, Cadofox stays true to an original style and idea, with flow in abundance in every track that Cadofox makes.

BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Cadofox will be releasing on FFA in August, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Also, check out this amazing 'Chaos' remix (in our opinion, should've won, but we will leave it at that)

Primal Rights

As of May 2021, we were yet to fully discover the sounds and styles of Primal Rights; now, fast forward 2 months we are so glad to have a track from Primal Rights ready to go, with more to come from this fascinating, upcoming artist. Go and stream the latest EP release from Primal Rights, titled 'Crimson' and you will not be disappointed!


Hailing from France, L.M. is another artist that is new to us on Full Flex Audio; bringing a melodic switch up and stance in the dubstep scene, it's very refreshing also to hear some old school vibes, flooding L.M.'s style. Their new EP is one to behold, out now on Rushdown.


Finally, last but not least, we have tenshi as the 5th and final artist to showcase. This artist brings an airy, ear catching style to FFA, one of which is unique in its own way and really leaves a mark on every last note.

BLOG EXCLUSIVE: 'TAKE2THESKIES' is the name of the track for tenshi's upcoming FFA release. Hosting 2 wildly different drop sections, this one is inspiring! In the meantime, check out their latest release with Riptidal, titled 'Escape':

5 artists to look out for in 2021, part 2 complete! Which artist are you waiting for to feature on FFA? Comment below!

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