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Sui Generis: Volume 3 (23.3.20)

It's that time again, for the mixed genres compilation series to make a comeback...

'Sui Generis' is recharged and refuelled for the third edition, which is bigger than ever before! 14 tracks make up this release, filled with DnB, experimental, leftfield, dubstep, trap and more. As an FFA blog member, get an exclusive sneak peak into one of the featuring tracks on SGV3, 'Vrodex - Evacuate', below!

(Look out for the teaser video on this coming Friday!)

Featuring artists:

Yokaze, TaDa, Vrodex, ZetheX, Da'Kha, Crysus, Cleu, K-ro, Extral, Ferlite, Internal_ERROR, Kizer, MIDN!GHT, O-Prime Delta, Ijona

Full release is out on March 23rd, you can Presave on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer below!

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