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The Past, the Present and the Future: Veer is Back on FFA, With 'FOUL PLAY' 🗡️

Veer is back on Full Flex Audio, for the first time in 4 years, and we are absolutely delighted to have him re-release on the record label. This Q&A delves back into 2020, celebrating the milestone that was 'Game Of Phones EP' by Veer in 2020, to the current future day release, which is 'FOUL PLAY' coming soon on FFA. Let's begin the Q&A!



  1. How do you look back on your last EP on Full Flex Audio, ‘Game Of Phones EP’, released back in 2020?

"Game of Phones EP was not something I expected to work well. It was my first try at limiting myself and making a whole EP out of it and the fact that it worked is extremely funny to me. It served as a good base for my career after that point, almost like B.C.(before Christ) and A.D.; For me, my entire discography can be divided into B.G.P. (Before Game of Phones), and A.G.P. lmfao."

  1. What lessons did you learn from that previous EP, maybe even your catalogue as a whole since then?

"I honestly have so much more to learn. Every project I have released since then has been a litmus test to see how much I can experiment before people start finding my music weird. "


  1. What role does ‘FOUL PLAY’ have on your artistic vision?

"FOUL PLAY was the last song I made before moving from India to Canada. I did not have much time to finish it as I was on a time limit but it also served as a good challenge to me. Artistically, FOUL PLAY, along with the EP released right before, PARANOIA EP, serves as a new era for my music. Keeping it heavy and groovy at the same time with weird flows isn’t easy, and that’s what I am working towards."

  1. How has your sound evolved since your last release on Full Flex Audio?

"Oh it has done a COMPLETE 180. I have tried out multiple different genres since then, and tried to evolve my style as much as possible. It was a trial and error process and took a little while to work out, but I think what I have now is something I would love to stick with and evolve further."

  1. Did you face any creative blocks whilst creating your latest single?

"This single was made in 2 different sessions. I sadly couldn’t finish it in India, and after moving to Canada, it took me a while to get back into the groove of making music. If we look at the timeline, this song spanned over 6 months to finish, but realistically, it took around 14 hours."


  1. Are there any dream collaborations you would like to pursue going into the rest of this year and beyond?

"I would REALLY love to work with Akeos, Nvctve, VANM, and more of my fellow BUNDA artists. I just know the style that all of them have will gel really well with mine and I will try to make that happen. Other than that, Lunnari has been on my radar for a while now and I would love to work with her on a tune as she is one of my favourite dubstep artists right now. JoeB, Dyatic and Dr. Ozi have also been a HUGE inspiration to me and collaborating with them on a few songs would genuinely be insane."

  1. What direction do you see your music taking in the next year?

"I have a lot of unreleased stuff that I am currently sitting on. I need to clean those ideas to the best of my ability before I send it out to labels, or self release even. But what I can say with certainty is that Veer Nation is going to be eating good this year."


That's all from Veer in the latest FFA Q&A! Massive thank you to Veer for answering our questions, giving depth into the past, present and the future. Now is the time that you can check out the single from Veer in full, exclusively on our website before the release day! Enjoy and remember to pre-save on the platform of your choice, coming up to Friday's release day.

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