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Unravel the Mystery, Within Ry3's 'Mystique EP'!

With our latest release coming up soon, we invited Ry3 to answer some of our burning questions about 'Mystique EP', how the project was created and so much more. Let's get started!


2. What inspired the creation of ‘Mystique EP’?

"I have wanted to make a 4 track EP for a while now. A lot of the inspiration came from just the idea of being in a place you’ve never been before."

2. Can you describe the overall theme/concept to this project?

"I wanted this project to center around the concept of the unknown and the beauty of the mysterious. I have always been fascinated by things that I don’t know much about. An environment that is completely foreign is a super cool concept to me."

3. How did you decide upon what tracks would feature on this EP, and how to make it so consistent from the first track to the last?

"Almost everything on this EP was made specifically for the project. I kept in mind the idea of mystique throughout the creation of each."

4. Which track is your personal favourite and why?

"I love every track, but if I had to pick one, I would choose Artificial Landscapes. It is my favorite musically and it also had the craziest creation process that spanned almost an entire year. It is also my first proper collaboration with Ferlite, which he and I had been wanting to do for a while at the time."

5. How was the collaboration process between both featuring artists, Ferlite and Phorizon?

Both tracks were very new territory for all of us, but we all adored the process. Angles was especially ambitious and took almost 300 channels and a lot of sweat and tears. Artificial Landscapes was a very fun one as well!

6. Who are your biggest music influences and did they inspire the creation of this EP?

"A lot of the influence came from artists such as Mr. Bill, False Noise, and others in the experimental scene."

7. How do your previous releases compare to this EP?

"I feel like Mystique is my best work from my current released works to date. I am very happy with how it turned out and I am very confident having it in my discography."

8. What do you hope the listeners will take away from this EP?

"I hope they gain an appreciation for the more artistic and sound design heavy form of electronic music. I have always aimed to push the more “IDM”-ish style into a larger public eye."

9. Can you share any interesting or funny stories behind the creation of the EP, or a specific song?

"Both Angles and Artificial Landscapes have pretty funny stories. Angles took ages to complete, but when it was finally time to finish it, it was done while I was on a ski trip so Phorizon and I could say that it was finished on a mountain. Artificial Landscapes had the craziest creation process. It was originally started back in February 2023 and then sat collecting dust all the way up until I decided to start working on the EP. Ferlite and I decided to pick it up again and finished the entire second half in 2 days."

10. How do you see your music evolving over time as an artist?

"I aim to keep making this experimental style. I also want to work more in Drum & Bass, Halftime, UKG, House, and maybe come back to Dubstep again. I also may incorporate more acoustic elements in my music in the future."

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