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'Madcore Success Story'

"The origin of my never-ending adventure with Full Flex Audio lies as far back as 2016. If I recall correctly it wasn’t long after the launch of the record label that I sent a scrawny demo their way. Luckily for both parties involved the release of these tracks (bundled as ‘Shaman EP’) was well received! Little did we know this was but the start. What followed in 2017 was an extended release that both me, as well as FFA put their blood, sweat & tears in. The conception of the ‘Artifacts LP’ was an exciting one. We went full-out for a release that featured 7 tracks, among them collaborations with names to the likes of Ivory, Kadaver & more. Not only did we manage to pump out some amazing music & visual art, we also organized a proper release-party in my hometown of Deventer, The Netherlands. A legendary night for which Martin, label-head of FFA flew himself over to watch myself, Ivory, Le Lion, and Valk (Kadaver couldn’t make it) play out the tracks featured on the release. A piece of history was made that night, a night I won’t ever forget and will always be a staple in my music career.

That said, Artifacts sure wasn’t the end of it. Besides the 2018 ‘Retox EP’, and the single track ‘Bazaar’, featured on the ‘Shake & Squeeze’ compilation, there is one thing I know for certain while looking at the future: Full Flex Audio will always be a leading, vital part in my music’s story. I know that no matter which turns & twists my music path takes, I can always find my place at FFA, and know that my vision & passion will be shared. FFA is legit. FFA is for life."