The 'Sui Generis' series is back on Full Flex Audio, and bigger than ever! Packed to the brim with 14 blockbuster tracks, all of their own variety, style and engagement; ranging from the hard hitting vibes of 'Heartbeat' by Yokaze, to venturing into the mind of Cleu, in his weird and wacky track, 'Goat'.

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1. Yokaze - Heartbeat

2. O-Prime Delta - Norlhyu.

3. MIDN!GHT - Plague

4. TaDa - Uhuh

5. Vrodex - Evacuate

6. Kizer - Whip It

7. ZetheX - Turbo

8. Da'Kha - Luhm

9. Crysus - FUKWITME

10. Cleu - Goat

11. K-ro - Red Light District

12. Internal_ERROR - Erase

13. Ijona - Stutter

14. Ferlite & Extral - At The End

Sui Generis: Volume 3 (Digital Copy)

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