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Learn More About Marrow's September 'Zone In' Mix...

With the Zone In mix series back in full flow, we aim to bring this series to you once a month, featuring past, present and future artists on FFA! We've also got Zone In custom watermarks for each mix, that'll be dropped into the mix every now and again, giving the mix a radio-vibe feeling.

Marrow has been kind enough to jump on the September mix, and with his releases on Underground Unit: Sector 7 and Trinity #6 recently, Marrow has a great track record of past releases on Full Flex Audio. For now, let's dive into the creation of this mix, what moments Marrow likes the most, and listen to the mix in full right here, on our website!


1. Can you tell us about the concept behind this mix and how it represents your artistic style and musical journey?

"With this guest-mix, I wanted to show off some of the things I've been working on. I'm very quiet and keep my IDs to myself usually so I wanted to take this opportunity to give something back to FFA and the fans of myself and the label. I hope this mix shows a bit of my diversity as a musician and how I'm coming to embrace more of my UK roots by including styles and sub-genres that I grew up with as influences in my music."

2. What can listeners expect to experience during this 30-minute mix? Are there specific themes or moods you aimed to convey?

"I want to break out and I think I have what it takes to be a strong up-and-comer in the scene; this mix to me represents a CV of work that I want people to be impressed by and a collection of IDs that show how I work with others so they can find the thread that ties my style to the whole mix. I wanted to convey attitude - just because I'm quiet and don't share much doesn't mean I'm not working as hard as I can to create the best music I can. If I'm underestimated, I want to show that I can prove you wrong..."

Did you know, 'Duele' by Marrow & Ozumata marks Marrow's SIXTH release on FFA?

3. Could you share some insights into the track selection process for this mix? How did you curate the playlist to showcase your own work and other special edits that you’ve made?

"My main goal with this mix was to make it entirely my own music/music I've worked on. I also wanted to share as much of my unreleased and WIP content as possible to treat the listeners - I prefer the idea of doing infrequent ID dumps compared with the alternative of regular drops. Something else I really wanted to include was a few DJ tools/edits I made especially for this mix which were selected mainly by focusing on songs I enjoy, everyone enjoys and eclectic picks that few people know."

4. Are there any standout moments or tracks in the mix that you're particularly excited for listeners to discover? What makes these moments special or significant to you?

"The run of tracks from 'Cyberspace' through to 'Optic Sync' is special to me as it feels like a thematic thread seems to finally be coming together between tracks of this nature which is exciting to me - I would describe these tracks as some of the best examples of 'Neo Viscera' to date. It also strengthens the main storytelling characteristics I hope to focus on with future work and audiovisual presentation..."

5. If you had to describe this mix as a flavour of ice cream, what flavor would it be and why?

"Lemon sorbet - refreshing, energising and fun!"


Thanks to Marrow for answering our questions, tying together with the Zone In mix for September! Next Zone In mix artist will be revealed soon, but for now, enjoy this 30-minute masterclass from Marrow, featuring all original content and edits!

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