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Josh Passcde 'With Me' Premiere + Lyric Video!

Another premiere from Sui Generis: Volume 6 lands, and it is a track that really shows off the contrasting styles that this compilation has to offer. 'With Me' by Josh Passcde is an acoustic infused punk track, that is all about relationships in life. We put some questions to Josh about his track that you can read below, as well as checking out the full lyric video too!


- What inspired you to create this track and what message did you want to convey with it?

"I’ve been listening to a lot of bedroom pop and alt-pop style stuff as of late. People like maxime., Crumb and ThxSoMch. So, I was definitely in that lane when I made this song. I’ve just been diving into the, for lack of a better term “weirder” or “left field” pop music a lot over the last couple of months and that led me to making “With Me”.

So with my songs, a lot of them are about one of two things. Firstly, how I’m feeling as of late. Whether that be good or bad, it’s just the thoughts and observations about what’s happening in my life. Secondly, relationships. A lot of my favorite songs are about relationships. My songs about relationships usually are aimed at love to come or love that has passed already. “With Me” is definitely in the relationship camp. A future relationship that hasn’t materialized yet but I’m telling them I want said relationship.

- How did you approach the songwriting and production process for this track and what challenges did you face along the way?

"On the topic of songwriting, this song was actually pretty easy going. The whole process started with a little loop of just a bassline and drums then expanded from there. The hardships started when I was trying to keep the song more on the bare bones side and let the vocals and rhythm section carry it. That was a challenge to try and keep the stripped back vibe but feel like there was still a sense of forward momentum."

- How do you describe your musical style and influences and how do they reflect in this track?

"My style is really made out of a lot of things. Punk music is definitely in there alongside a lot of new alt-pop and bedroom pop stuff. On the punk side you got Joy Division, IDLES, THICK and the new slowthai album was some amazing inspiring stuff. On the alt-pop/bedroom pop side of things the previously mentioned maxime., Still Woozy and I just found this guy Jean Dawson, great stuff.

The way that these influences creep into my music is usually pretty erratic. It’s all over the place. In this song in particular it was just listening to a lot of music in general. I will say for sure that the drums from Joy Division’s “Disorder” were in my head a lot when I made the tune so there are some similarities there."

- How do you balance creating a catchy and upbeat track such as 'With Me', whilst expressing your artistic vision and authenticity?

"The upbeat nature of the song kinda came naturally so I guess that in itself is an authentic part of the song. I go around my house tapping out rhythms on things and this was one of those rhythms. It was just what I was feeling at the time. I was sitting on my couch and tapped out the rhythm of the drums on my legs. I thought “oh yeah, I got an idea for that” so I went and laid it down.

I always try to enact ideas that are things I’d listen to. It’s been an endlessly fulfilling process to find what I like and then do that. So when crafting melodies I think to myself “What should I hear over this?” then I run through ideas until something sticks out and I get a sort of eureka moment of “OH YEAH! THIS RULES!”. "

As Kendrick Lamar said “Freeze that verse when we see dollar signs”."

- How do you hope your listeners will react to this track and what feedback have you received so far?

People have been very nice about the track. I’ve sent it to people close to me and people have said they like it so fingers crossed others feel the same. I hope everyone really likes the lyrics/vocals, the grooviness of the song and just connects with it in some way.


Check out the full lyric video to 'WIth Me' by Josh Passcde right here, on his YouTube channel!: YouTube

Sui Generis: Volume 6 drops on all stores, May 1st!

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