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Who is morningbell? 🤔

You may be wondering who the creator of 'stendhal syndrome' is?

An upcoming artist in many different EDM and experimental fields, morningbell is a new alias from the artist frequently known as seaports. This release all started as a demo submission, titled as 'Brain Damage', later being changed to stendhal syndrome; with its trippy, hallucinogenic flows and distorted patterns. Every time you listen to this track, you will hear and find something you hadn't heard before in the track.

Now today, we have a small Q&A session with morningbell, to get to know the artist better, what morningbell's inspirations are in music production and so much more. Let's begin!


1. Welcome to Full Flex Audio! For those that don’t know about your style, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the dubstep scene?

"Hi! my name is Jack, I'm 16 and I occasionally produce dark electronic music under the name 'morningbell.' I have been producing music for around 5 years now, inspired to start by Teminite especially. I had originally found dubstep when I was around 8, listening to it while playing roblox with my friends. I like to describe my style as gritty with interesting sound design, but I try to balance it with good song writing techniques so it's pleasant and has longevity."

2. Is there a meaning behind your alias name?

"My alias comes from the Radiohead song 'Morning Bell,' an incredible song from one of my favourite albums of all time. My favourite song from that album is actually 'Idioteque' but I felt that was too on the nose."

3. When creating music, do you make it for yourself or for your listeners?

"I only make musical styles I am liking at a given time, but when I find an idea I intend on releasing I try to listen in with a listener's ear because listening to your own music is a much different experience than listening to music someone else made, and you will inherently find some of your ideas more interesting than listeners do."

4. When writing music, what are some techniques that you keep in mind to avoid a writer’s block?

"Work on multiple projects at once, confine yourself to a set of rules to encourage creativity and thematic relevance in a song, export stems and rearrange/edit in a new project, do sound design only days when I don't feel like I can write anything melodic, etc. Not having the 'writer's block mindset' also helps, as negative thinking comes true."

5. What are your influences/inspirations into making your own music?

"I draw inspiration from such a large well of music I listen to - I find my electronic music benefits from my non-electronic influences, and my non-electronic music benefits from my electronic influences. My favourite artists are The Microphones, Elliott Smith, ichiko aoba, brian eno, underscores, will wood, radiohead, car seat headrest, and yves tumor."

6. What are your favourite plugins for music production?

"My main 'sound' is mainly from heavy resampling - I love using granular synthesis (granulizer, portal), warps (stock Ableton stretching), delays (echoboy), and convolution (convolver, trash 2, mcabinet) to squeeze the most tonality out of simple sounds."

7. Describe your release in only 3 words!

"Hazy, intricate, twisting!"

8. Do you have any other hobbies, besides music production?

"Aside from music, I love the visual arts, cooking, and spending time with my friends."


'stendhal syndrome' by morningbell drops this coming Thursday, get ready for a weird and wacky vibe from this upcoming star in the EDM scene.

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