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Fresh Faces, on Full Flex Audio!

Let's meet some fresh faces on Full Flex Audio, a talented group of artists who are making their mark on our latest compilation release, Underground Unit: Sector 7. This release is all about embracing new styles and innovative sounds, tailored to upcoming artists across multiple different backgrounds and sounds.

Let's dive into their thoughts about the compilation and more!


Artist 1: KNG

Track Title: Fallen

Favourite Track from the Compilation: Blacksite - Shattered Soul

Q1: Being part of a compilation series that's focused on emerging artists must be a thrilling experience. Could you share what it means to you to be a part of this platform? Give us a quick rundown of your artistic journey so far.

"Being a part of this compilation is a great achievement for myself. I always worked hard and tried to be creative with my music while still maintaining basic elements. I hope that the listeners really enjoy ‘’Fallen’’ in a different way. I would say my artistic journey has definitely reflected in my everyday life. I think all producers can relate when music pretty much consumes you even when you're just walking down the street, sometimes an Idea just comes to you and you have to rush home and start it. That's where I find joy, seeing what works and what doesn't and learning from it. I think things myself are going to ramp up from here. The journey is a slow process so don't focus on the end goal, focus on the moment you're in."

Q2: Your track on the compilation carries a unique vibe. Could you let us in on the inspiration that fueled its creation and the story it tells?

"Straight away I can tell you the inspiration started with Hydrate - Skrillex, Flowdan, BEAM, Peekaboo, but I quickly wanted to turn this into something atmospheric. I wanted something that carried you to the drop. (shout out to the bird I recorded to help with atmospheric sounds)"

Q3 (Fun question): If you were to create a music festival featuring artists from any era, who would be your headliners?

"KOAN Sound, Apashe, Skrillex, IMANU and Mefjus."

Listen to 'KNG - Fallen' right here, exclusively first on our website!


Artist 2: VYON

Track Title: Pursued By Nothing

Favourite Track from the Compilation: ETikka - Abyss

Q1: As an upcoming artist, how does it feel to have your music featured on a platform that's all about giving fresh talents a chance to shine? Tell us a bit about your journey leading up to this moment.

"I am really honored to be one of the artists in the new ‘Underground Unit’ since I knew Full Flex Audio from the 3rd ‘sector’ of this compilation.

I started making music when I was like 15 years old (now I’m 20), it always gave me the most powerful emotions possible. In the last year I changed a lot of my sound design cause I didn’t feel ‘mine’ what I was doing, after some sound design sessions I came out with sounds that I really felt like were mine, and so I started finishing tunes with sense and meaning from beginning to end."

Q2: Your track brings a distinctive flavor to the compilation. Can you give us a peek into a moment or influence that shaped the creation of this track?

"This track is the one that unlocked my ‘writer’s block’. When I started it I didn’t have any idea of what to do, but I wanted to really get out of my comfort zone and make new sounds in new ways (like trying new plugins I didn’t know and techniques I never used), so after exploring here and there with sound design I came up with some strange neuro basses, that now I love to use in every song!"

Q3 (Fun question): If you were a superhero with a musical power, what would your musical superpower be?

"I see Space Laces as a superhero with musical powers, because it seems he can do anything he has in his mind and he does it with an incredible mastery.

So I would say being like him, not making his music, but having his powers hahah."

Check out VYON's latest release with Irony, who also features on UUS7!


Artist 3: Signia

Track Title: Down On Me

Favourite Track from the Compilation: Blacksite - Shattered Soul

Q1: The spotlight is on emerging talents in this compilation series. What does it feel like to be a part of a project that's focused on uplifting upcoming artists? Could you share a bit about your journey into the world of music?

"Being able to have a wider audience discover mine and the others’ music on this compilation is a huge blessing. It’s an incredible privilege to share this space for such amazing underground artists. I hope listeners take the time to listen to each track in full as each offers a different look into each artist’s vision and sound.

As for my personal musical journey, that started about eight years ago when there was a basic beat production class in my afterschool program in middle school. That was around the same time I began listening to electronic music from classic artists like Tristam and Nitro Fun. Although I didn’t know much, the possibility of creating tunes like my favorite artists at the time was extremely enticing to me and kept me driven to learn as much as I could. Looking back, I am proud of the progress I made, especially when listening to songs I made back then and comparing them to now!"

Q2: Your track has a unique energy. Could you tell us about the influences that played a role in crafting its distinctive sound?

"At the time I started crafting the song I was listening to lots of artists like Frequent and Alexander Panos that push granular synthesis to its limits. I was also discovering lots of experimental drum n bass I’d never heard before. I threw lots of granular sounds into the intro and built the first drop with a dirty reese, filtered chords, and off kilter drums to create a weird but simple beat. I wanted to push the envelope in the first half of the tune but end with a banger final dnb drop akin to something you’d hear more often at a festival."

Q3 (Funny Question): If you had to describe your music using only emojis, which ones would you choose and why?

"💥🔥🎵. These emojis best describe how 'Down On Me' sounds to the listener!"

Get an exclusive full listen into Signia's drum and bass track 'Down On Me' right here:


Artist 4: KORAI

Track Title: NABIZ

Favourite Track from the Compilation: Irony - Trypophobia

Q1: Joining a compilation that spotlights underground talent is quite an accomplishment. How does it feel to share your sound on a platform that embraces rising stars? Could you give us a glimpse of your musical journey so far?

"It feels quite exciting being a part of the next generation of bass music producers, I believe that we all did a great job on this compilation. I started producing music to have fun with my friends but I’m taking it more seriously right now. I think I found my own sound but I'm still experimenting with new styles to improve myself more and more."

Q2: Your track has a unique flavor. Could you give us insight into the influences and creative moments that shaped its standout personality?

"I got influenced by Vetala, Exille and AVANCE on this track. I tried to give it a deep and sludgy vibe. I was doing some sound designing and I got the “wet, soggy” intro sounds and that's when I created a roadmap for the track."

Q3 (Funny Question): If your music could be the soundtrack to any movie genre, which genre would it be?

"Definitely the horror genre. A horror movie that takes place in a swamp (the Netherlands)"

'NABIZ' by KORAI, check it out!:


Artist 5: 1emjay

Track Title: Heartache

Favourite Track from the Compilation: [Signia - Down On Me]

Q1: Your contribution to this compilation marks a significant step. How does it feel to be part of a project that amplifies the voices of young talent? Could you give us a glimpse of your musical journey up to this point?

"Honestly, being part of this album is quite strange, my music up until this point has been nothing close to what music releases on FFA normally, but I am happy and grateful for this opportunity. My musical journey started in 2019, not really knowing what this path will take me or how it will change me. I started with D&B and I am still a D&B person, but have found light in other various genres over the years as well."

Q2: Your track carries an intriguing essence. Could you shed light on the inspirations and creative process that brought about its distinctive sonic landscape?

"I started this project as a vessel for negative emotions, since I was going through some hardships at the time. I decided to put all that anger, sadness and feeling of defeat into it. I was very reluctant about releasing this track at all, but I’m glad some people pushed it out and happy it will be heard by people and hopefully they can feel the emotions I poured into the track."

Q3: (Funny Question): If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

"1000000% Skybreak. Not sure why but his music just touches me in ways other music doesn't. And I'd like to associate myself with that."

1emjay recently put out a brand-new 2023 showcase mix (psst, 'Heartache' that features on UUS7 is at 1:15!)


And that brings us to the end of this Q&A! 'Underground Unit: Sector 7' drops on August 31st, 18 tracks in total, representing the underground in the best possible way!

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