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UUS6 Q&A! (Part Two)

Back with part two! Underground Unit: Sector 6 drops on all stores tomorrow, and we cannot wait for you all to hear this release in full. In the meantime, we've got 4 more artists answering our questions, in the build up to the release of UUS6. The artists are: Marrow, Archaic, Damnasie and Unisixn!


1. What is expected of your track featuring on UUS6, and what are the foundations of it?

Marrow: "I made ‘Akimbo’ as a result of experimentation and hoping to try something different; a lot of new techniques in terms of mixing, sound design and arrangement came together to create something I’m proud of and learned a lot from. I wanted to present three drops in different styles, tied together by the aggressive thread that is established from the outset to ensure the track lives up to its namesake - the unconventional method of wielding two weapons at once for maximum damage. I hope to continue refining my sound but the challenge I set myself with this song in particular will definitely inform my future creative choices as I continue to improve."

Archaic: "Some of you might be wondering how on earth 'Void Lily' (releasing on FFA UUS6 please click the presave link ty :> ) was made. Well it's your lucky day cause here we go. I started Void Lily with the intent to explore a darker/heavier side to my otherwise more melodic sound. This track started out with how I normally start tracks: laying down a specific atmosphere (choosing the key, ambiences, vocals and cool sound design I've done in a previous session). So in short, building a little palette of sounds that work well together. Then I worked on the first drop which was a little happy accident. I have always loved the stock Ableton effects and especially the vocoder. Which is the main technique I used for the first drop. With some cool techniques you can take any harmonic content of any sound and use the other sound to mesh the character together and that's how you get an infinitely reusable technique that you can use to make all kinds of basses. The second drop is my first proper attempt at “tearout” where the focus relies heavily on the gun basses in the drop. Quick shoutout to the homie AKRVSIA for releasing cryptid cause that inspired me to try to make the second drop as it is in its full glory right now."

Damnasie: "This track was (and is) an attempt at a friendly structure and sound design while pleasing the dubstep scene, i made the arrangement with a big music video in mind (even if i’m not planning on one) and a sort of big ‘Hit’ feeling. Dunno if i managed to get that vibe but i definitely tried: i wanted the call and response to be as coherent as possible while conveying some sort of dramatic/melancholy feeling. I put some non-so casual processing to the vocal to make them drown you in a way. And basically i thought that having a simple but booming second drop would make sense in this context of pseudo-dystopian lyrics to make you feel like something is falling apart or what not. What I’m the most proud of in this track is the ambience, I like the coherence."

Unisixn: "´500MHZ´ was made in a discord call with Midlex, when i wanted to show him some resampling techniques I used back in June 2022. It is originally resampled from an 8 bar Bass Drop, which is a part of the Thrill-O-Ween Mix at around 15:40 minutes. As time goes on, I got the basic flow by just resampling the basses and it was basically a happy accident. 3 hours later: I am sitting in a call with my friend Tarik and I was about to show him the thing I made, we were fooling around with meme pre-drop vocals and ended up with the “oof” Sound Effect from Roblox which I basically made the tonality of the Bass from as a layer. I love reese basses, so i decided to use it for my intro, but I had to spice it up a little bit with the high frequencies shifting through the spectrum (that's also why I named the track 500MHZ, even though you are not capable of comprehending such a high frequency, but whatever) some atmospheres on top and drums and done."

2. Which track is your favourite from UUS6 and why?

Marrow: "An impossible question for a truly incredible and humbling collection of tracks and artists - ‘Uppercuts’ by Distayne has been a track I keep thinking about thanks to the drum choices, catchy flow and excellent mixdown. Hearing something of such high quality from an artist with a relatively small discography is very exciting and I hope to hear much more from them in future!"

Archaic: "It is hard to choose a favorite from this comp because all of the tracks are insanely well crafted in their own ways, however I have been just coming back to 3 tracks in particular. Those tracks being Malva. - Solaris, Marrow - Akimbo and last but certainly not least Midlex - Vida. I personally think the Midlex track is the heaviest hitting tune of the entire compilation. The Marrow track has me hooked on its intricate flows and sound design. Malva simply is one of the if not the best up coming melodic riddim producer out there, I love everything about that track. Whether it's the ambience, melodies, flow or sound design the track has it all."

Damnasie: "The marrow, Kitamayoru ones are my favorite along with mine. I can’t decide between marrow and Kitamoyoru tho: i like all the drops and diversity in marrow’s tune (the flow of the first drop is incredible), and i love the pleasant feeling of the Kitamayoru’s one."

Unisixn: "That's difficult, but I think it's `Vida´ by Midlex. I love the way he is mixing his elements and the dirty feel you get while the drums are just straight punching you in the face, i just love it. But there are more Tracks to look into this compilation like ´Barrage´ by Kretoal or ´Siphon` by Dxstinie."

3. Who would you like to collab with the most from UUS6?

Marrow: "Again, another very difficult choice! Since I have already had the pleasure of working with ARCHAIC and Malva. as part of the Skulk collective, it would have to be someone new. Either SONATA or VYDE as a collaboration partner would yield an interesting and creative result I think but the same could be said for any of these talented artists - based on my initial instinct of which track stuck with me most, I think getting a track going with Distayne would be a good move..."

Archaic: "Marrow because of his unmatched flows and signature sounds, Malva. Because of his songwriting and absolute unit of a discography. And Midlex because, come on its Midlex how can you not with that heavy sound design."

Damnasie: "I would like to collab with either Malva', or Kitamayoru."

Unisixn: " would like to collab with Midlex (again), it's really fun working with him and we are learning from each other a lot (i learned much from him too), also do i love his unique basses and dirty mixdowns! There is not much to say, he is just a amazing producer with vision on his own and thats what i really like. Expect more stuff from us."

4. What music are you listening to that is non-EDM related?

Marrow: "To be completely honest, not a huge amount that isn't aligned with EDM or electronica in some way. I recently revisited some Escape the Fate tracks and Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson as I was interested in relearning them on guitar so I suppose my go-to is Metal and Rock. I also revisited the first White Stripes album for the sake of nostalgia (in particular, Ball and Biscuit and Girl You Have To Take Your Medicine) and for something a bit more blues-y and a little while ago I revisited Gorillaz first album and the Spiders album by SPACE for similar nostalgic reasons; when I feel productive I tend to surround myself with electronic music as I don't feel the need to search for inspiration as much and luckily, I've had plenty of ideas recently that I'm excited to share!"

Archaic: "I love rock mostly if we are talking about genres out of edm. Artists like the arctic monkeys and foo fighters are still my favorite to listen to outside of edm because i would say 90% of music that I listen to would be considered edm."

Damnasie: "Well I'm a huge fan of french rap so they are prolly in my top but I won’t name a tonne because you’ll prolly not know, if I can name one from this scene (expanding everyday btw, amazing scene) it would probably be Rounhaa or Realo: they are exploring the realm of diversity that rap can offer and playing with the rules."

Unisixn: "Besides EDM, I listen to Pop ("Brakence", "Jane Remover", "Ericdoa" etc.) and Rap ("Playboi Carti", "Trippie Redd"," Lil Uzi Vert"). On the German side of Rap its "Edo Saiya", "Majan" and "Rin"."

UUS6 drops on all stores tomorrow! Get ready for this massive, 18-track compilation <3

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