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UUS6 Q&A! (Part One)

Underground Unit: Sector 6 is slowly approaching release date on December 19th, and we cannot wait for you all to hear this 18-track, stacked compilation!

For now, we've asked some of the artists on the release to feature on a Q&A, asking them about their tracks, which track is their favourite, and more. Let's go!

(Featuring on part one, is Dxstinie, Disphing, WRON and Kitamayoru).


1. How would you describe your featuring track on UUS6, and what can the listeners expect from it?

Dxstinie: "Siphon was a pretty standard song for me, and it was a song I made in a new style I was starting to move in the direction of. I made this song how I make most of my songs, I made the main stab by morphing two sounds together and then worked from there making these other additive sounds and whatnot to fill in other spaces."

Disphing: "So when I started this track I didn’t really have full-blown dubstep in mind while I was working on the drops, but by the time I’d finished the third drop, it had very clearly turned into a melodic dubstep track lol- that’s when I decided to add in those pre-drop vocals because I though it’d be kind of a funny juxtaposition of a track that is very clearly dubstep, but there’s just a guy (me) trying to convince you it isn’t. forgive me for looking too deep into it, but I feel like it's also kinda symbolic of how i view my music as a whole; how I'm not just another generic dubstep producer, and I'm constantly trying to push my own personal boundaries in my music production."

WRON: "SOMA is the result of me trying to find the next step in my sound, and really define my music for myself. A lot of my inspiration comes from 90s rave music and modern artists who source their identity from that era, and trance is a big player within that time frame.

The track started out with just the first drop, and then sat collecting dust on my laptop for a few weeks until I found the main vocal and built the rest from there, with the goal of creating a nostalgic mood while maintaining the high energy present in all of my music."

Kitamayoru: "I made "Summer Memories" in early July 2022, it was the start of the Summer. Summer is my favourite season and I was super inspired by the ambiance, so I was wondering how could I capture this energy into a song and make people feel that "summer atmosphere" when listening to the track. I wrote a little chord progression, heavily inspired by Japanese city-pop (because I think it's the genre that does the best at combining upbeat and groovy melodies with the 80s "nostalgic" feel). I finished the song but at the time it didnt had vocals and I was feeling that it missed something so I commissioned Ruru to sing on it and she did an absolutely amazingly job."

2. Which track from UUS6 is your favourite and why?

Dxstinie: "Distayne's Uppercuts is absolutely craaazy. It's so clean and every part of it from the drums, to the sound design, to the song-writing, to the fills to the flow, just works so well it's crazy."

Disphing: "I know it goes without saying but it's SUPER difficult to pick just a single track when all of them go CRAZY- Dusko's track 'Shallow Mist' is probably my favourite overall idea in the comp, the B section of that first drop is so intricate and just INSANE. my honourable mentions include Distayne's 'Uppercuts', I loooove the flow on this one and it's just SO CLEAN, and Elequence's 'Cure' w/ Flixamon is a really nice change of pace for the comp and works sooo well as a closer<3

WRON: "While the entire comp is superb, my favourite is “Spit At Em” by SONATA. It takes a lot of tropes from 2015-18 brostep and reworks them into a context that works in a time where older brostep is more frowned upon. It’s simple, to the point, and is executed with some stellar production quality that is the final cherry on top."

Kitamayoru: "Ouch this question is kinda hard because this comp is packed with absolute bangers haha! I'd say Cure by Elequence and Flixamon because the combination of those crispy drums and astounding vocal performance with a touch of those kinda rnb/smooth future bass/chillhop synths (as it was called in 2017 lol) is awesome. I keep replaying this part on the listening party video haha! I'm looking forward to hearing more of their music!"

3. Who are your biggest inspirations in music?

Dxstinie: "Some of my biggest inspirations in terms of making dubstep are JoeB, Dissent, and DVEIGHT because of how much they push the limits of this genre, which is something I've been trying to do. "

Disphing: "Over the past few months I've been trying especially hard to expand my listening beyond not just dubstep, but electronic music as a whole. Despite that, the ONE artist that has always stuck with me and kept me captivated in everything they do is PORTER ROBINSON - if you know me this probably comes as NO surprise to you lol. I started listening to his stuff in late 2018 iirc, and I have yet to find an artist that even comes close to his level of songwriting and world-building ability, visual and aesthetic charm, and just overall sheer artistry. I strongly believe that I haven't truly lived until I've attended a Porter Robinson live show. Another artist I've discovered more recently is acloudyskye, who I found shortly after entering the wider underground electronic music community. He has somehow managed to take elements from all different styles of electronic and pop music, even combining some rock elements I believe, and turning it into something that is truly his own. that combined with his recurring characters and environments really sets him apart from other artists in the scene. Someone I've only started listening to recently (like literally within the past week or so) is brakence - he released an album quite recently and it's an absolute MUST LISTEN. it absolutely lives up to its hype, and you can really hear all the love and effort that's gone into every sound and every lyric across this entire project."

WRON: "I listen to a lot of different music, and what tends to attract me to an artist is not just their music, but how they present themselves in a live setting and what energy they deliver.

I come from a heavy musical theatre background, so I view any live show and what surrounds that as a performance, not just as playing a guitar or spinning riddim for an hour. Within EDM, the only people whose shows perfectly match the image their music paints are ISOxo, Svdden Death and Nitepunk. They all in their own way encapsulate the direction the bass music scene is going—a call-back to older, underground sounds, presented with a far more explosive and theatrical flair than they have been in the past."

Kitamyoru: "My biggest inspirations are San Holo, for how he can transcribe emotions so well in his music. Sam Gellaitry for those crazy catchy and complex melodies. Laxcity for their insane sound design and versatility."

4. Describe your featuring UUS6 track in only 3 words!

Dxstinie: "bouncy, heavy, fun."

Disphing: "fine, it's dubstep."

WRON: "Violent-euphoria, nostalgic, eclectic."

Kitamayoru: "Energetic, nostalgic, groovy."


UUS6 drops on Monday, get ready for this massive compilation to drop soon, plus part two of the Q&A on Sunday!

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