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Introducing the latest release on FFA, by upcoming Mexican artist Majoras Drep. UNCANNY EP is a mix of genres, fascinating styles and upbeat tempos. Here we asked Majoras Drep some insightful questions, and what this EP means to him.


Q1: Can you tell us about the creative process behind your EP "UNCANNY" and how it differs from your previous work?

"UNCANNY is an EP that comes to experiment a little darker breakbeat, because when I finished making my Most Wanted EP, I said "mmmmh, I need to do something darker, taking advantage of the elements I had in Most Wanted". I listened to nitepunk music, nikko, NOISIA, and more producers, I started to create melodies with a mysterious atmosphere, but at the same time I did not want to completely abandon the essence of my previous EP, so I did a little phonk with breakbeat, something more 90 bpms to keep that street flow."

Q2: Which track from "UNCANNY" was your favorite to make, and what makes it special to you?

"Damn, it's very difficult to decide since all the tracks are very good for me, but if I had to decide on one, it would be UNCANNY because of how different it is compared to the others, that branch between breakbeat and drum and bass, dark atmosphere, mysterious, and rough, I don't know, I think it's my favorite track."

Q3: Were there any particular challenges or obstacles you faced while producing "UNCANNY"? How did you overcome them?

"One obstacle I had was a creative block as I wanted the whole EP to be dark like UNCANNY and BREAK90, but I said "it has to be necessarily something like that, it doesn't really have a story like Most Wanted, I guess I'll have to be more free and not limit myself to things even if the music sounds weird afterwards, I mean, it's called UNCANNY for a reason right?" so I just let myself flow for more beats."

Q4: In your opinion, what sets "UNCANNY" apart from other releases on Full Flex Audio?

"It is a very different proposal to what I've heard in Full Flex, as there is very little breakbeat and drum and bass on the label, my purpose to get here is to propose a new idea and perspective to the world of bass music, not just pigeonhole us in the riddim or dubstep, if not open more doors to this genre, encourage more producers to create more tunes like this, mainly in LATAM and Mexico as it is only known in the US and UK this type of music and in other countries do not hear this."

Q5: If you had to describe the overall vibe or feeling of "UNCANNY" in just three words, what would they be?

"Mysterious underground flow."

UNCANNY EP drops on all stores, July 27th!

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