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Umbra Divisa Q&A!

'Umbra Divisa' was finally put out to the listeners on both Full Flex Audio & SILKENWOOD, last Monday. To celebrate and further the promo of the release, we put together a Q&A featuring 4 artists from Umbra Divisa, that relate to the compilation itself and more.

The artists that have answered the questions are: Acyan, DeathFlore, euphorian and KUROZAKI.


Q1. What does your track mean to you, on 'Umbra Divisa'?

Acyan: "INSOMNIA is about sleepless nights and a pounding silence in my head. I made it in one night because I couldn't sleep and wanted to do something instead of stare at the ceiling. It's conquering that silence to me."

DeathFlore: "This track was honestly really fun to make. I was experimenting a lot with new sounds and techniques that I learned and found out myself. This track is really representing what’s new with my style and my ways of making music."

euphorian: "Be quirky! the acronym QOQ literally stands for Queen of Quirk; the song is 2 years old and I was scared to put it out cus it didn't feel up to ‘euphorian standards’, but I literally do not want standards to exist with me I am just here to have fun and kiss hot furry guys."

KUROZAKI: "My track means a lot for me, its really shows how I evolved in my productions. I'm so glad about this opportunity. With this track I found my sound identity."

Q2. How did you come about making your track on 'Umbra Divisa', and what producer techniques did you use in the creation of your track?

Acyan: "Most of the design of this song revolved around frequency shifting in small intervals to create lasery noises of all kinds, then processing after that to create diversity in the lasery noises".

DeathFlore: "This track was from a drop challenge I did with some friends originally. I never went back on it for a while and then one day at like 1-2am I opened the project. Replace the main sample with another one from a random pack, put it in a granulizer from Fl studio and compressed a lot. The entire drops were made with the same sample except for the sustain on the second drop and the horn filler bass."

euphorian: "The song was created for a beat challenge where some of the rules included making complextro (which I completely butchered but I don't care) , flipping janguru by jkuch , sampling one of ur fav songs , sampling the guitar from shadow soldier by moore kismet and lunamatic , and something else I'm forgetting; but yea I just did all that and then turned it into an original cus I actually wanted to put it out some day."

KUROZAKI: "First off, I made this tune whilst eating Doritos, so the project file name is 'DORITOS GANG' (lmao). The track was made with a simple square, flanger and delay, I really didn't make a complex track here. About the intro, thank you so much Canoto for helping me with this."

Q3. What's your favourite track from 'Umbra Divisa'?

Acyan: "Probably Bone Dice by Kuatari, it's just a kind of journey I've been enjoying a lot lately. STYLE POINTS by wolfmagic is a close second for how well executed the idea is."

DeathFlore: "God this is a hard one. Probably my favourite track has to be the Primal rights song “Inferno”. But there is also “QOQ” by euphorian and “Anguish” by Grynix."

euphorian: "Forever by PLEEG." KUROZAKI: "INFERNO by Primal Rights."

Q4. If you had to create a line-up for a festival, featuring any 5 artists from 'Umbra Divisa' who would they be and why? (Picking 2 headliners and 3 warm up acts)

Acyan: "Headliners: SEDAMI & Pleeg

Warmups: kuatari, wolfmagic, & myself

SEDAMI and Pleeg have mainstage energy, PLEEG would be fun for all kinds of people and SEDAMI would throw down harder than most other artists with a similar sound. kuatari I think would make a great welcome act because the sound is so much about setting a scene, I right now am much more friendly to warmups since I've been feeling a more minimal sound in my music, and wolfmagic would be amazing for getting a crowd loosened up before a main act with the incredible bounce to their music."

DeathFlore: "For a festival, I would say:

Headliners: - Primal rights & KUROZAKI

Warm up acts: - Euphorian, GRYNIX & KEMARE."

euphorian: "Headliners would be PLEEG and Acyan in no particular order cus their music has some of the most unique identities I've heard in music in a while; warm up acts would be wolfmagic , splitter , and (un)familliar in no particular order cus just like the headliners nobody can do the music thing quite like them and they really deserve the spotlight to get ppl musicpilled at a festival." KUROZAKI: "Headliners: Primal Rights and DeathFlore Warm Up: wolfmagic, KEMARE and splitter

Q5. Who would you like to collaborate the most with from 'Umbra Divisa'?

Acyan: "At this point, SEDAMI or kuatari. I have collabs with both of them in the works so it makes sense. As far as artists I don't currently have something in the works with, probably KEMARE for the same reasons as SEDAMI."

DeathFlore: "Would love to collab Primal rights, MAK!KY, GRYNIX and KUROZAKI. They’re very talented people and I think that our styles would match into one song.

euphorian: "I already have collabs with PLEEG, kuatari, (un)familliar, splitter, and Acyan so by process of elimination based on my answer to question 5 I would love to wolf the magic :3" KUROZAKI: "Primal Rights for sure, please let's do it!"


And there we have it! That concludes this Umbra Divisa based Q&A. Thank you to the 4 artists that have answered the available questions. Umbra Divisa is available on all stores and streaming platforms, you can check out the release for yourself on any platform you wish <3

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