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Trinity #5 Q&A!

We asked the Trinity #5 featuring artists some questions based around their upcoming release, and also some questions based around the number 3, with the release being a 3-track series. Let's begin!


1. Tell us a little bit about your upcoming track on Trinity #5?

Lordbot: "I'm looking forward to this release, it's a style I've been testing for a year and will finally get a chance to showcase."

REKON: "FUTURE is the intro track for REKON, a dream-like future riddim track that combines elements from all of my inspirations. This track really just encompasses the headspace I’ve been in for the past couple months, realizing that I’m turning 18 this year and that my life will start changing quickly. Optimistic yet nostalgic, and the present sometimes doesn’t even feel real."

MIZRA: "Well, it's a simple track but with not too much to say, it's the base of a style that I've been perfecting over time, the use of powerful drums, a strong sub bass, the use of square waves in sound design with too much post processing, in terms of elements it's scarce, but it's an amazing track, with an idea taken out of the night to the morning. A simple track but with loads of character. I'm simply proud of this track."

2. What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how did you get started?

Lordbot: "I liked listening to Riddim and Dubstep, I decided I wanted to be a producer, I wanted to stop being just a spectator."

REKON: "I discovered EDM back in 2015 actually through Geometry Dash. I particularly gravitated towards F-777’s music, and when I learned that he used FL Studio, I downloaded it and started making some things. From there I found the Disciple YouTube channel and I’ve been obsessed with dubstep ever since. I didn’t really get heavily involved in music production until 2021, though, when I found out there was a whole producer community on Discord, it’s only been up from there 🙂."

MIZRA: Well, it's funny because since childhood, I have been listening to a lot of different music styles, from influences like Nu metal, deathcore, Hip hop influences, jazz and funk; a pinch of everything. Everything changed since I listened to 'Discovery' by the great Daft Punk, listening to synthesizers, samplers, etc...My world changed since that moment."

3. Name 3 things that you love about the music industry, or your music as a whole?

Lordbot: "I love the community it generates everywhere, the imagination of new emerging artists and its festivals."

REKON: "The innovation from the underground, the increasing diversity and the increasing accessibility."

MIZRA: "I like the community, how amazing the people in this industry are, how easy it is to meet new people and when someone enjoys music I create, it is an unimaginable feeling."

4. Name 3 things you cannot live without...

Lordbot: "Percussion, being able to make music and I wouldn’t live without a bottle of iced water."

REKON: "My family and friends, music and the masterpieces that are Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul."

MIZRA: "Headphones, music and instruments."

5. Describe your Trinity #5 track in 3 words!

Lordbot: "Percussion, sub, frequencies."

REKON: "Vivid, ethereal and microtonal."

MIZRA: "Powerful, energetic and intense."

6. Name 3 foods that you never get tired of eating?

Lordbot: " “Pollo a la Brasa” the best dish in Peru, Pizza and Chinese cuisine."

REKON: "Literally any Jamaican dish, pizza and sushi."

MIZRA: "Chicken, Pizza (Chicago style) and any kind of meat."

7. What are the 3 most important qualities that you look for in a song?

Lordbot: "Good idea, good mix and a good drop, the latter beats any kind of intro."

REKON: "Creativity, danceability and just whether or not I enjoy it."

MIZRA: "Hard drums, fat sub bass and unique sound design."

8. Name 3 artists you’d love to collaborate with!

Lordbot: "Hukae, Canoto & Kill Feed."

REKON: "Beastboi, Cadofox and Automhate."

MIZRA: "BLVNKSPVCE, Space Laces and all the g59 people."


Trinity #5 drops on all streaming services on this coming Tuesday, and is also available for FREE DOWNLOAD on our Soundcloud page, upon release day!

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