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Trinity #4 Q&A (ft. sapphi, Kyroshie and Malva.)

With the latest Trinity release fast approaching, it would only be right to share a small Q&A with all featuring artists describing what their track means to them and more.

But first off, here's 3 things you should know about the Trinity series...

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Each Trinity release features 3 tracks...

This is an obvious one, as the trinity definition is stated as: 'a group of 3 people or things'.

Each Trinity release is available for free download...

From the first edition to now the fourth edition, all of the previous versions of the Trinity series have been and always will be available for free download! As well as being stream-able on services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc, you can grab the tracks for free via our Soundcloud page.

Each Trinity release offers something new...

The Trinity project has been a great starting point for many artists that have passed through Full Flex Audio, over the series' longevity. This release format gives up and coming artists a chance to showcase their skills and ability to a much wider audience, whilst gaining 'follow to download' fans, that will continue to support the artists post launch and beyond.


As Kyroshie comes back onto Full Flex Audio from his single release 'Antenna', we welcome two new artists onto the label, for the first time: sapphi and Malva.

We asked each artist the same question: "What is the main theme behind your track and what does it mean to you?" Here are their responses...


"In all honesty, in the process of making my song, it didn't mean much, as my intentions were to have it as a MeldaProductions and Harmor test, and nothing more. But now, the song means a lot more to me. It's the song that helped me achieve my goal of getting on Full Flex Audio after around a year, maybe a year and a half, and I'm grateful for it to have a home on FFA."


"'Desert Flare' is a track that tells a story about a hermit wandering in the direction inspired by his angels after he lost his memory and forgot who he was. The action takes place at the edge of the Desert and Jungle. It represents what was happening in my life at that time. I was moving to a new place and temporarily had no stable home to live in because of the tough circumstances back then. At the same time, I was fighting with a lot of sound hallucinations, I was feeling really disconnected from the real world, this was an awful experience. I was sure that I was losing my mind. Emotionally, I was feeling like I was on a wasteland of some sort."


"Anamnesis is a melodic bass track with bridges borrowing elements of house and dreamy trap production. Before I learned dubstep sound design, I used to make a lot of experimental beats. With this release, I wanted to blend my old style with newer colorful sound design to create a hypnotic bass track. Similar to the actual definition of the word, I wanted my track “Anamnesis” to encompass the feeling of familiarity that glimpses of old memories provoke. With that mood in mind, to me “Anamnesis” invokes nostalgia and carries an ethereal mood all while having a unique melodic bass flow."


Trinity #4 drops on all streaming services on October 13th, free download on Soundcloud too!

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