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Trinity Q&A!

Trinity #3 drops as a free download tomorrow, and on all major streaming services, and we've got just enough time to ask all 3 artists involved in the release some questions about their track, style and more! Featuring NIRE, CANOTO & Kronomikal.


Welcome to Full Flex Audio, NIRE! For those that don't know about your style, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you discovered EDM music as a whole?

NIRE: "Hi, I’m Sebastián but people know me as NIRE. I’m a music producer from Chile and I’ve been making music for around 4-5 years. I’ve been into electronic music since around 2012-2013, getting inspired early on by future house and such. A few years after, I discovered the label Monstercat (at the time which I consider their peak) and that discovery let me into more of the heavier side of electronic music. Seeing such unique music coming out from artists I’ve never heard from before was so inspiring to me, to the point where it got me interested into making my own music. That lead me here, where I am today."

Is there a meaning behind your alias name?

CANOTO: "So originally my name was from a friend in a game called Halo 1, he passed away and in honour of him I took his alias “CANOTO” forever…

Kronomikal: "I was thinking of something rare until I reminded myself of a book that had I always had to bring to school, which was called 'Chronology'. After finding that book, I tried messing around with the name for a while and got Krono, then out of nowhere comes mikal."

What are your influences/inspirations into making your own music?

NIRE: "As I mentioned previously, one of my main inspirations early on was Monstercat’s stuff, mainly their electro tunes. That kind of heaviness factor combined with melodic elements was so fascinating to me, a balance that till this day inspires my music a ton. I also get super influenced/inspired by a lot of my friends, who are making some of the most quality and unique music I’ve heard in the scene. Learning stuff from them directly and applying into my own production always helps when writing my music, and I’m super thankful to be surrounded by such talented individuals!"

When producing music, what are your favourite plugins or tools to use, to help you out when crafting your next track?

Kronomikal: "My favorite plugins (mostly effects) are disperser, vocodex, iZotope trash 2, SPAN and OTT. I mainly use all of them to make my basses/synths/percussions to sound how I want it to be, they're all pretty good. I can make them either clean, dirty or loud with these plugins. I suggest messing around with iZotope Trash 2 on subs or reeses."

CANOTO: "The inspiration behind my track 'Eclipse' was literally from this blender clip/project; the clip itself is really mysterious and dark, which helped me develop the track too."

When you do you start, when making a track?

NIRE: "Usually when I start a track, I do it by choosing another artist’s track and trying to replicate it. It’s funny, because I personally feel like most of my tracks that I’ve released (and even some of my unreleased ones) are copies of what I was inspired by at the time. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, in fact, it helps me a lot when writing stuff. For example, the track that I’m releasing in Trinity Vol.3 was heavily inspired by Jiqui’s “Smack Dat”, that had just come out at the time I started working on Dead Circuit (you might even find them similar if you listen to them back-to-back haha). I feel like this is a super effective way to write music, cause you’re taking an idea that already exists (and that works) and replicating it, but you’re not copying it. I’m of the philosophy that there’s so many factors involved in the making of a song, that’s technically impossible to copy a track one-to-one, and it’s always going to end up sounding like you, since you’re the one making the track."

How would you feel if music was removed from the world?

Kronomikal: "I would go deaf if music was removed from the world. Life would be incomplete without music."

What's your favourite and least favourite style of music?

CANOTO: "Favourite style of music, jazz. Least favourite? Colour Bass."

NIRE: "I listen to a lot (and I mean A LOT) of music all the time, so it’s very hard for me to choose a favourite style of music. Like, I change the genre I listen to every week at this point, but If I had to mention a few of the genres that I love that aren’t bass music, they would be: Jazz. I love Jazz, mainly because of how they blend the rules of what music can be (mainly in the theory aspect). Another genre of music that I love a lot is Hyperpop: I’m a huge fan of artists like Underscores, Gabby Start, Bladee, Charlie XCX, among many others. I love it because of how the take the pop formula and stretch it, trying to break the boundaries of what music can be, which is exactly the goal I want to achieve with my music (plus it’s actually pretty fun to listen to haha)."

Describe your track in 3 words!

Kronomikal: "It sounds cool

Do you have any other hobbies, outside of music production?

NIRE: "I game a lot in my free time, but not that much. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Elden Ring though. Some of my favourite games would be: Celeste, The Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain 2, etc. I sometimes get inspired by some of these titles in my own music, so I don’t see it as a waste of time that I could be using to make music, but rather another way to get inspired. I also love going out with my friends, and watching YouTube, especially video essays!"

CANOTO: "Right now, I am trying my best to get really good at visual design and graphics. That's about it really!"

And that's about it for today's Q&A with all Trinity artists! You can pre-save 'Trinity #3' below, just in time for tomorrow's release day. All 3 tracks will be out for free download!

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