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Trinity #2 (OUT NOW!)

The second edition of the free download series 'Trinity' is out now!

Featuring 3 tracks of the highest calibre, and 4 artists that will be on their way to the top very soon.

The release starts with 'Override', by Seker and ZetheX. 2 styles that come together and create many different twists and turns throughout the track. Each part of Override brings a brand new vibe to the track, with trap influences and drum pattern switch ups in abundance.

2nd track is from a newcomer to FFA called OCTANE. Like the name of the artist, this track is high octane from the start, with a very bouncy dubstep flow that follows right through 'Danger Zone'. Another artist you should keep an eye on for coming back onto FFA in the future!

Then finally, DVEIGHT comes in and smashes the place up, with 'Get Up'! Mosh pit vibes are in full control for this devastating track that goes from 0 to 60 in double time. Look out for a release with DVEIGHT coming later on this year!

'Trinity #2' is available in full and for free download! Get at your download below and visit your favourite streaming platforms to hear the madness:

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