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'Together' - Out on May 15th! 🎶

With the release of 'Together' coming out this Friday, we hosted a Q&A with Antima, who is back on FFA to showcase something totally different in his approach and style in the EDM scene. At the end of this Q&A, you can get a little glimpse into 'Together'!

Hello Antima and welcome back onto Full Flex Audio! How does it feel to be releasing a brand new track and vision for your music that many will not expect from ‘Together’?

Hello! This track means a lot to me since I’ve always wanted to experiment with my music and I think that this is the right example for you and the listeners. This is what Antima sounds like besides heavy Dubstep tracks like 'Kill Humans' or 'Tinnitus'. And no, I’m not quitting making the heavy stuff!

What’s the inspiration behind your latest single? Any other artists come to mind that have helped shape ‘Together’?

Well, I wrote this track during the quarantine period and I finished it faster than any other track I have made prior to this single. The main artist which inspired me was Seven Lions: I really enjoy listening to his music, he can take you to another world and that’s what I tried to do with ‘Together’.

What’s the idea behind the track and why did you want to take a step in the melodic dubstep direction?

The main idea behind this track is to bring you all some light in your day. We all are going through a very tough period right now; there are a lot of people out there who have lost everything. This is why I named the track ‘Together’, because I think that having a family, friend or someone who can understand and help you is one of the most important things, especially in this current situation. I suggest to you to listen to this track whenever you want, to go on a quick journey into a peaceful place. One of the reasons why I tried out the melodic side of dubstep is because I wrote it just right after completing my new EP, so I tried something different and (hopefully) emotional.

What inspires you to write and create music?

Generally, what inspires me the most is other people's music. I like to listen to a lot of music and different genres: from orchestral to metal, from EDM to Jazz. Not musically speaking, the main inspiration for ‘Together’ has been my girlfriend.

We are looking forward to what the rest of 2020 holds for Antima. Anything else exciting in store?

Hopefully I’m going to be dropping my own artist merchandise, along with releasing a brand new EP and a bunch of collabs that are in the works (yes, THAT second round is going to drop soon!).

'Together' comes out this Friday as a free download! Get a little sneak peak into the track below and soak up this majestic masterpiece that Antima has delivered:

Presave on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer!

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