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Superhot Remixes (Artist Inspirations & Ideas)

From the 3 winning remixes by Daflic, ThatPipeGuy and Drazically, we asked all of the artists to give some background info into their remix, including their creative choices, ideas and inspirations leading into the creation of their remix and much more!



Daflic as an artist has been on our radar for quite some time now, and it was great to see him pull through with this futuristic rendition of 'Superhot', by Notarin. Below, he gives us some insight into his remix, including some key changes made:

"It was fun working on this challenge, I liked that the original song by Notarin is a versatile song, so it occurred to me to change the key and raise the bpm a bit, whilst having to experiment with my own and original sound design. That's what I enjoyed most about this producer challenge.
For example in the intro, I decided to make the melody again from scratch, and also make a new rhythm to my remix."


Drazically jumped on the Superhot remix challenge at very short notice, completing his remix within one week! Below he shares a little bit of info into the short on time remix entry:

"The original Superhot track was made by Notarin so I immediately knew it was a banger and I was excited to get the chance to remix it for the FFA Discord challenge. However, the problem was that I had only heard about the competition A WEEK before it was due and the fact that I still won surprised me even more. I'm really happy with how the remix turned out, especially the 2nd drop. Excited for y'all to check out the EP in its entirety on Monday!"


Like all artists on the Superhot remixes EP, ThatPipeGuy is no exception to the 'up and coming artist' formula. ThatPipeGuy explains what the theme is behind his remix, taking a melodic twist on the original track:

"My idea for this remix was something bouncy and melodic, i wanted to step out of my comfort zone and make something new and to me it turned out great. I wanted to keep the sort of future riddim-ish vibes the original track has so that I could mainly focus on the sound design from myself to be really sharp and metallic-like. I also liked the melody in the intro of the original track so I kinda wanted to base my remix on that melody. I guess the main inspiration for this remix challenge was jazzy stuff, it sounded really good so I just went with it and after listening to my remix again, I'm very happy with the results."

'Superhot (The Remixes)' drops on Monday, with the first remix to be uploaded on Friday!

Pre-Save the EP right here:

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