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Sui Generis: Volume 3 (OUT NOW!)

The time has come to finally unleash SGV3!


14 tracks, filled to the brim with creativity, style, structure and wacky vibes, this edition of Sui Generis doesn't disappoint in regards to those fundamentals! The aim of this release is to bring many different backgrounds onto the record label, therefore increasing the wide fan base that is ever-growing on Full Flex Audio.

Check out below what some of the artists had to say about their featuring track, along with how the tracks came about in idea!


TaDa on his track 'Uhuh':

"So usually I never really have an end goal or an idea in mind when I start a track. I simply just mess around with samples, sound designing, or just do a bunch of random things until something cool happens. Usually, it doesn’t take long for something I like to come about. For 'Uhuh', I took a percussion sample and re-sampled the heck out of it until I got a cool lead sound, and then I made a rhythm/melody with it. From there I build my drums, add percussion, and arranged the track. Second drop I usually like to make a new idea based off the first drop, so you can hear elements of the first drop in the second but with a different rhythm and change in the main lead which I re-sample again to get the second drop lead. As far as the title goes, I am usually really bad with naming my tracks, I wish track titles didn’t matter so much sometimes because I come up with the most random names! For this track I named it “Uhuh” because the pre-drop vocal says “Uhuh” and I just felt like it fit with the track and as a title. 

Thank you guys for listening to my track, and a massive shout-out to Full Flex Audio for having me on this compilation!"

Check out TaDa's in depth breakdown of the sound design used in his track!

Now here is Vrodex on his track, 'Evacuate':

"So, when I started working on 'Evacuate', I was really inspired by artists like Peekaboo and G-Rex and I wanted to make a tune on their style but with my own flavour. When I made the first bass (the screechy one) I thought to myself "this is going to be a banger", after that when I finally started getting somewhere I was like "this doesn't need a fancy intro, let it be like that". I wanted to show the listeners that you can make sick tracks without adding a lot of elements/sounds. Less is more. I hope you're enjoying 'Evacuate' as much as I enjoyed producing it. Much love to FFA!"

Then finally, K-ro shares some inside knowledge into his crazy track, 'Red Light District':

"It all started with one vocal sample I found. I knew I wanted to centre the track around that, and I knew I wanted to have a vibe that was orchestral, but grimy. The initial first drop was a feeling choice seeing as it's not exactly a professional and formal production decision (especially the synth) but it just added to the wideness for the entire drop. The build/second drop was fairly simpler compared to the first, but adds an almost old school feel while still having a neuro sound. Altogether it is a simple yet memorable track which is different from what I'm used to, but fun as hell to make regardless. Thanks to Full Flex Audio for the support and opportunity!"


'Sui Generis: Volume 3' is out and available across all stores now, plus you can catch the full release on Soundcloud!

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