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Mega Artist Q&A! (SGV6)

As the release day for Sui Generis: Volume 6 draws ever closer, we wanted to get some insights into a few featuring tracks on the compilations, as well as each artist telling us which track(s) from SGV6 are their favourites, plus a unique 'would you rather' styled question put towards each artist. Let's begin!

Featuring in this Q&A are: Josh Passcde, IRONY, Thouflo, Config, Self Discovery, Nullboy, SubDoxx, Korva & Narkoleptik.


Tell us a bit about your featuring track?

Josh Passcde: "The song is about trying to get someone to be with you and all things that would come along with that person. The things you'd do together, how you see that person and how you want to see that person. Making them comfortable in the thought of this sought after relationship you desire with the person. I made the drums and bass-line for it first. The chorus was recorded after that and everything kind of fell into place quickly after that."

IRONY: "I've been getting into a lot of garage lately and with "Abyssal Gateway", I focused a lot into making it feel abstract and ethereal. I wanted the listener to be surrounded with a variety of textures and background elements, in a dreamy atmosphere, and to feel the climax in the track consisting in the continuous addition of elements through the main sections. The track can easily be divided into three parts: The first segment features an odd progression, that immediately catches the listener's attention. The second segment features the addition of a melody adding up onto the previous progression, with a breakbeat vibe added to the whole thanks to the new drums arrangement The last section features a switch into dubstep, fading in unexpectedly from the second intersection. The pads and the textures behind the guns help the two genres to fit together, reaching the apex of the climax."

Thouflo: "Even though the track isn't crazy full it still has great character, I love the emptyness and then the crazy flow of the sounds. It describes my style quite well, it's simple but interesting. When taking the approach of creating this track I didn't really have an idea that I wanted to go off of, so I decided to just go with the flow and see where I ended up with. Eventually it kinda started taking shape and the more it started resembling how it is now the more I wanted to create the feeling of mystery and nostalgia."

CONFIG: "So Sai and I go way back, we've actually been making music together for probably around 6 years, and Jupe has been a close friend for a while, I think we wrote this track back in Covid, one of the great things is we try to experiment and mix our styles and every now and again, something great comes out, like Little Lie. It's actually an incredibly personal side of me that I've never really shown. To me, the track is about struggling between sharing yourself and accepting your other half. I think its also about cheating on someone (wtf Simon!?) But for me, it's about trying to find solace and comfort in each other, the little lies to make things better and telling each other it's going to be okay."

Self Discovery: "'field trip !' is definitely a step into a style I enjoy listening to. I'd been super hyperfixated on the idea of going on a trip with some internet buddies to meet up and hang out together. There's a feeling of joy that I could only convey through a style similar to that of bh & Jon Bellion. Towards the end I experimented a tad more with writing parts for live instruments and having them recorded organically instead of using MIDI. I hit up Astrasm with the score for the last bit of the song and they were absolutely down to help (to which I'm forever grateful)."

Nullboy: "My track "Gauss Cannon" is a love letter/experiment to make a dubstep song that felt like the game Halo 2. All of the instrument choice and melodies were inspired by Martin O'Donnell (Halo series composer) and a ton of the sound design and dubstep guns and fills were resamples from the real sound effects from Halo 3 that I glitched out - there's even some Needler sounds in there."

SubDoxx: "I get inspired by the UK when I make my music, the sort of atmosphere that you find here can be both chill and depressing sometimes. Although False Hope hides its message it’s probably my most political song right now. I won’t go in depth but the message is about the UK’s corruption, how we chose the wrong people in power and how it has effected us. While the song is inspired by the UK, the track can be interpreted for corruption around the world."

Korva: "Punks is a love letter to moombahcore. It started out as a challenge to see if I could capture that 2013 sound, and when I shared the snippet it was received super well. As for how it fits into the story of Korva, over time I started to imagine it as the anthem of a traveling band of survivors out in the wasteland. All I’ve shown of them so far is bits and pieces, but behind the scenes I’ve fleshed all of them out into defined characters. Really looking forward to showing more of them in the future, but for now enjoy the establishing shot!"

Narkoleptik: "I only used one Ableton operator track for my entire tune, it's essentially one long midi note. All of the sounds are created in 30+ automation lanes and mostly use volume automation to create a flow. I like to do it that way because its a lot of fun and for me, those methods have a sound. But it's also just a crazy operator flex for the nerds that care lol."

Which track(s) from SGV6 is your favourite?

Josh Passcde: "(un)familiar - sine anima. The song is super chill and constantly evolves. It feels buried and almost suffocating at times and I love that feeling it gives me. It's a very specific and unique feeling as well. The ending part where the drums pick back up is done very well and feels like an apt tie together of the whole song. Great stuff, super unique."

IRONY: "I have two favourite tracks from the compilation, with the first one being "Disease" by prox.bleep. It features an insanely creative sound design, as well as great textures and pads. It makes me lose myself inside of all of those details. The second track is "Space And Time" by Thouflo, featuring great composition with melodies complementing each other. The other strong point of this track is the sound design: the great quality of sounds used results in a really solid track.


CHEAP THRILL & LAUNCHSIX - .7: This one caught me off guard, I really didn’t expect this one to be so energetic and crazy!

Soraoke & VYDE - Diamonds: This one has a really cool ambient intro and such a good groove, since I came from a bass house background I love the vibe and the overall production. Simple yet powerful.

MrKoolTrix - Donk! (It's Like This): I love the melodic and color bass aspect of this track and especially those Spongebob vocals… The composition is definitely one of the things that stood out a lot.

CONFIG: Too many to choose from, it's literally a case of sitting, listening to it and everything merging into one piece, it's why I'm a huge fan of the Sui Generis series. BUT if I had to choose... man I'm a Cheap Thrill simp, so CHEAP THRILL & LAUNCHSIX - .7.

Self Discovery: "I'm probably biased but it's a solid tie between the Nullboy and (un)familiar tracks. They're both good friends of mine and I find myself constantly impressed by their output and creativity. This release is absolutely no different and I love what they've both done.

Nullboy: "This is a hard question because there's so much crazy shit in this comp. Right now I'm rocking axis twelve - aperture. The spectral sound design paired with the angelic drum and bass structure is a really interesting combo.

SubDoxx: "This one was tough but I think I will go with prox.bleep - Disease for me, I love the sound of Hyper Glitch so much, it’s so textural and experimental yet so cool sounding. Close 2nd for me has to be Ry3 - No Limits, I have seen my guy Ry3 put so much effort into his music, and it pays off. He manages to mix his knowledge of music theory and sound design really well, I go recommend a listen for sure. 3rd has to be neighbouring DnB track Joro Dudovski - Fluctuations. This track’s mix down and execution is so solid it has to be in my top 3, I have not heard of Joro before but this track is insane for a first time listen to Joro’s music so I will definitely be look out for next releases."

Korva: "Malva. - Limerence immediately grabbed me from the first listen! The bounce of the sounds is so finely tuned, and I’ve got a real soft spot for the tonal place where it sits. Warm, summery, and contemplative but still charged with momentum and energy. It’s like looking into a pool of water lit from below on a windy day."

Narkoleptik: "Disease by prox.bleep is one of the most unique sonic experiences I've ever heard and I hope it inspires other people to be bold with their productions. And I thought my track broke the rules!"

Would You Rather Section!

Josh Passcde, would you rather be able to teleport or time travel?

"Teleport. A lot of the weird problems come with time travel. A lot of the problems people don't think of. One theory suggests that as soon as time travel exists, time will cease being linear anymore and that creates a lot of weird things for many people. So de-atomizing and re-atomizing myself seems like a much better option."

IRONY, would you rather lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell?

"My nose is really sensible to smells, so I'd probably keep my taste."

Thouflo, would you rather be able to breathe underwater or walk on air?

"I think breathing underwater would be an interesting thing, as much as I love to go higher and beyond it's still interesting to know what lies deeper down. I've always wondered what's down there deep under water, something we have been living around for years but never able to discover..."

CONFIG, would you rather be allergic to chocolate or cheese?


Self Discovery, would you rather have a tail or horns?

"I would MUCH rather have horns than a tail. I feel like in terms of a visual aesthetic it would look super cool overall. Plus, I feel as though a tail would only get harder to deal with and more inconvenient as time went on. You'd have to have like pants specially made for it and you'd need those chairs that have a gap between the seat and the back. It just sounds like so much of a hassle really."

Nullboy, would you rather have no internet or no phone for a month?

"I'd easily get rid of my phone. I'd much rather chill in Discord VC's and produce all day with the homies than have my phone on me just to doom-scroll Twitter when I'm going to the bathroom."

SubDoxx, would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy?

"I never lived a rich life, and I’m still very lucky to have been able to get the hardware and software to make my music. I would definitely live life at rock bottom as long as I have the motivation to do what I’m passionate about."

Korva, would you rather be able to talk to animals or plants?

"Animals, no contest. I’m gonna go have a chat with the local crows and become an honorary member of the murder."

Narkoleptik, would you rather have three eyes or three arms?

"I would rather have three arms than three eyes because then I can have two hands on the computer while also playing a synth or something hahaha. Three eyes would just mean I need more expensive reading glasses!"


And there you have it! A mega Q&A with several artists from SGV6. We would've done it with all artists, but that would've been a massive task to complete!

Thank you for reading along, and remember that SGV6 drops on May 1st! You can pre-save the release right here:

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