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About My Track, On 'Sui Generis: Volume 5'...

With the artwork, track-list and teaser video for 'Sui Generis: Volume 5' all in full circulation, we think that now is a good time to get to know some of the tracks involved on the release, with thoughts from the original creators, inspirations behind their tracks and much more. Plus, each artist has decided upon which track they like the most as a favourite from the release. Let's begin! Featured on this blog post are the following artists:

Blacksite, Ry3, inor, INCAL, Delyrium, heketa, ethanplus, Innusta, eliderp, VYDE & Into Ash.


Blacksite - Ascending River

Blacksite: ""Ascending River" is basically the fusion of water sounds, and future riddim/future trap ideas. There is no section in this track where there is no water sounds playing in the background, continuing the watery theme. And whilst you listen, it feels like you are ascending into another world, so I had to choose this name. Like floating through a river which ascends you into different universes."

Favourite track:

"My favourite tune from the comp is 100% 'heketa - empyrean'. The atmosphere and tension in the intro and build-up is absolutely amazing. And that first drop fucking blew me out of my chair, it is so insanely good. Together with that second drop switch up it creates an experience I never really had with any DnB tune up until now. Insane sound flex whilst also making something very very memorable, a track that I want to listen to again and again."


Ry3 - Illusion

Ry3: "'Illusion' was my first real attempt at a more experimental IDM style. I have been inspired by artists such as Mr. Bill, Stasys, and others lately, and Illusion is my take on that style. The intro is very much inspired by False Noise's music with the slightly detuned saws and subtle vibrato. The drops are more heavily inspired by Stasys. The song was also an interesting journey with both high points and lows. The first few weeks of making it was the most difficult as I was messing around with a style I'd never done before. I was super stressed and scared that the song would not sound good. Although, when my family and I went out of town for a trip, I felt my inspiration skyrocket, and I made the entire second half of the track in just two days."

Favourite track:

"Ok, after a lot of hard thinking, I think I have to pick 'VYDE - About You' as my top pick.


inor & Ortensia - Boundaries

inor: "'Boundaries' is a drum and bass track with powerful drops. We tried to mix old school styles with our own unique style properly. I would like to say that the parts that give the track a twist between the build-up and drop sections have a lot of great moments. Ortensia and I had at least five idea tracks in mind before we made this. We finished this one, and we're very pleased to be able to release it on SGV5."

Favourite track:

"My favourite tracks would have to be a choice between 'heketa - empyrean', or 'eliderp - FUSION'.

Check out the full track-list for 'Sui Generis: Volume 5' right here!:

INCAL - My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark

INCAL: "'My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark' was, (roughly), the last transmission sent by the Mars rover "opportunity", right as a sandstorm would put an end to its 14-year mission on the planet. I wanted to pay a tribute to that robot by translating those words into music, as they were translated into words from an electrical signal."

Favourite track:

"For my favourite tracks of the comp, it has to be a tie between 'Innusta - Semaphorism' and 'Ry3 - Illusion'. Semaphorism, because it's an absolute vibe and I will daily listen to it. It's really creative in a lot a ways, and challenges the boundaries between genres with ease, while remaining accessible for any listener. Bonus point for the name of the track perfectly portraying the way it feels.

Illusion, because of how interesting and unique it sounds. It's one of those tracks that goes beyond the definition of bass music to tell a story of its own, with an impressive amount of detail that will make you rediscover the track with each listen."

"I wanted to pay a tribute to that robot by translating those words into music, as they were translated into words from an electrical signal." (INCAL)

Delyrium - From The Dust

Delyrium: "The song could be considered a hybrid trailer Music track, combining elements of orchestral music with modern, synthesized sounds. I even used some leads and reese basses that I usually would use in my dubstep drops. The song is, of course, inspired by trailer music, which is also quite noticeable in the structure and the way the track deals with tension and release. 'From The Dust' is pretty much my oldest trailer music track, the song almost died on my hard drive. About a year later, I decided to revive the project just because I liked the harmonic minor chord progression. I ended up nearly deleting the whole song, just keeping the chords and some sketches of the bram sounds you can hear in the first climax."

Favourite track:

"It's so hard to pick a favourite out of all the 22 tracks on Sui Generis V.5, every single one is outstanding. But if I had to pick one, I'd go with Result's tune "Confusion". As a cinematic music composer and enthusiast myself, I really loved the orchestral sections in the song, which are in perfect symbiosis with the neuro/electronic vibe. But it's not just those cinematic parts that I really enjoyed, Result did a great job on the drops as well. The sound design is brilliant and I love the bounce of the drop's flow. The second drop is a super creative variation and is, thanks to to the DnB-feeling, super fun to listen to."


heketa - empyrean

heketa: "'Empyrean' is a very story-driven track that originally started out as a Buunshin-inspired WIP back in mid 2021, before I decided to pick it up and turn it into what it is now. It tells the tale of a battle near the gates of the sky in one of the very many story pieces I wrote and conceptualized over the years. I felt it was a good idea to start experimenting more with implementing these themes into my music, and I think I succeeded at that quite well. All in all, this song is mostly just me throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks — out came an entire sonic journey for the listener’s ears."

Favourite track:

"If I had to choose one favourite song off this compilation, it’s definitely 'Boundaries' by inor & Ortensia. The stabby vocals, intro synths and fast-paced percussion layers just remind me of some of my favourite artists in DnB and it’s just executed so nicely. Really well done."


ethanplus - Clack!

ethanplus: "This track, like most of my tracks, sat in my head 50% written for a few weeks before I actually materialised it. After that there was a long process of trying new things, before deciding to settle for my roots. The result is the same as anything I ever set out to do: a fun, silly banger to help you get through the day."

Favourite track:

"My favourite track from this compilation is my own, because I made it. My second favourite track is 'Into Ash - Bound', because it's an adorable banger."


Innusta - Semaphorism

Innusta: "Inspired by the book “the dictionary of obscure sorrows”, It’s a creative and original piece of literature that provides words to describe obscure emotions that each of us may unknowingly experience at some point in our lives. I discovered it about 2 years ago and became obsessed. When I dove more into the book I started to explore and create music that encapsulates the feelings within it and creatively it opened me up to a whole new world. 'Semaphorism' was a song I started about a year ago but never went anywhere forward with for a while. This song is special because it journeyed with me through a transformative phase in life and helped me breakdown some creative walls holding me back song-writing wise. For the longest time I’d been very self-conscious of my voice and the moment I let that go was the moment this song took off during the writing process. When it comes to originals I always strive to be very open and connected to anything I write. That way it’s authentic to me and my vision and if it resonates / connects with just one person I know I’m on the right path.

Favourite track:

"So hard to narrow down a single favourite tune but I love both of these songs the most: 'Chubba78 & sighless - Agrostis' and 'Inor & Ortensia - Boundaries'."


VYDE - About You

VYDE: "In late February 2021, my then-new friend known as Soraoke sent me the SoundCloud link to a track named “fooroll” by milye. It was so different to anything I’d heard before, yet so familiar somehow, that I immediately entered a parallel headspace that allowed me to write 'About You' almost entirely within the next day using a similar palette of vocal chops, e-piano and a driving bassline. It was, to say the least, refreshing to tap into my harmonic and melodic brain for the near entirety of the track’s composition coming straight from weeks of crafting some of my most brutal tearout tracks thus far. Fast-forward a year of me wondering whether it would ever see the light of day I was told it deserved, and Sui Generis Vol. 5 comes along to provide the home it needed. I hope you enjoy the bouncy feel, jazz chord progressions and the two keyboard improvisations!"

Favourite track:

"I'm going with 'Soraoke - Apaixona' as my favourite track; really unique and well-crafted flow and vibe, non-drop sections are just so atmospheric, and of course, it's still unreal to see Soraoke's name in the compilation (though well deserved)!"

Remember, you can vote for your first 3 track premieres from 'Sui Generis: Volume 5' right here in the following Strawpoll. 3 track premieres will drop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week!


Into Ash - Bound

Into Ash: "'Bound' came from a time of boredom and frustration within my music, using synths with infinite possibilities but never the less falling into traps of uniformity. I have a run down bass guitar in my room that has always gathered dust and sat there as nothing more than an aesthetic piece. I didn't want my certainty of oscillators and synths, so I plugged it in and some time later I had the main riff you hear throughout the track. Bound by means of sound design is fundamentally organic, the same bass was used as a metal guitar, acoustic and sub bass, while all main leads bar the very last drop are nothing more than my voice. Even within the last section it is actually itself playing through my monitors to give a slight authentic convolution reverb Working on Bound reminded me of the perplexing things we can do within a daw without having to touch a synthesizer, and I have become far refreshed since creating it, and I hope it inspires you to think the same, reader."

Favourite track:

"Definitely 'INCAL - My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark', for suuuuure."


eliderp - FUSION

eliderp: "I created 'FUSION' after going through a pretty difficult creative block. Being in college and trying to balance music, school, and my social life has been really tough. The original idea for this song started out when I was doing a sound design session; I had been trying out some new sound design techniques over the past few weeks and I was trying to come up with a cool flow, when I accidentally made the first drop sound and flow. After that, the rest of the song just seemed to come together for me and I decided to go all out with the different variations and flows, trying to add as much groove and personality as I could! I feel that FUSION is one of the first significant pieces I've created coming out of my creative block, and I'm super excited for what I've got in store next!"


And that's it for the about my track section of the promo schedule, for Sui Generis: Volume 5. We hope you enjoyed this fun post, and also the amount of different favourite tracks selected from the release, meaning there are plenty of various crowd pleasers, according to the artists involved!

First track premiere drops on Monday, look out for the results of the Strawpoll on Sunday!

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