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'Seasick' Megacollab Q&A and Exclusive Sneak Peak! 🌊

'Seasick'; a collaboration between 5 different artists, all featuring on the 'Depths EP' by SEDAMI. The track will be out on our Soundcloud page on Wednesday, not long to wait for this epic track. We asked all the artists a few questions in regards to this monstrous track, what to expect in major parts of the track, a full track timestamp breakdown plus much more!

Exclusive access is right here, for all our member subscribers.

Q1. Firstly, what is the meaning behind this megacollab, 'Seasick'?

All artists: "The idea behind the megacollab was to just have a fun time in a tight-knit friends group, whilst doing what we all love to do and that is, create music."

Q2. Why did you choose the name ‘Seasick’?

StarSplitter – “Cuz it’s sick.”

Everyone else – “Yeah.”

Q3. (Question for each artist), which part did you make/contribute to, in the megacollab?

HXNSTY – “I did the sound design for the 3rd drop and a lot of background elements and pads for the intro, however everyone added their own mark and helped out in different sections so it was a bit of a group effort through the collab”

K3MARE – “Mostly the third drop and the break, as well as the intro.”

SEDAMI – “Generally, I made most of the first drop! I also somewhat contributed to the Intro and the break sections, mainly just creating or arranging the sounds for my friends.”

SheKah – “I helped with some of the music theory behind the song, but to say that there is a part from me it would be the bridge part that me and K3MARE made and also the piano ending that was played by me.”

StarSplitter – “Although all of us contributed to every part in some way, I mainly did the second trap drop. Sedami and I both wanted a drop that was inspired by Nightmare Fuel by Jiqui and Nvadrz. I never made anything like it before, but I was up for the challenge. I also helped out with some aspects in the intro and helped Sedami with ideas and sounds for his first drop.”

“All in all, everyone contributed to each one of the parts at some point!”

Q4. Take us through a timestamp journey of the track, detailing the most important points in 'Seasick'.

0:00 – Starting off with the intro. It used to sound way different (and not as good) in the first version of the megacollab. However we thought it could be improved, which resulted in the intro that you hear in the final track, for the most part.

1:05 – First drop. It went through a lot of revisions and there were 3 distinct versions of it. The first version was very messy and was not as interesting. The second one was better but not everyone was really keen on how it sounded. The third and the final version of the drop was what we thought sounded the best.

1:43 – Second drop. Originally was supposed to be a switch to the first drop but it didn’t really transition well so we had an idea to make it it’s own drop.

2:10 – Breakdown. We had an idea of making it very funky. SheKah came up with an amazing chord progression which then K3MARE chopped up and arranged in a great way. SEDAMI made a groovy bassline to support the section.

3:12 – Third drop. The idea for it was to create a drop highlighting a more melodic side of the song since most of the track was feeling pretty dark so far. We also wanted to make it transition smoothly from the funky breakdown.

3:39 – Outro. Initially, we had an idea to record ourselves working on the megacollab but the recording came out as us just being goofy. We thought it would be cool and funny to keep how our friendship really is in the song.”

(We'll save this part for the full release of the track)

Q5. (Question for each artist), in the parts that you created, what sound design techniques did you use and plugins that you brought into the megacollab?

HXNSTY – “I made heavy use of granular synthesis for the pads and Bass sounds which yields more complexing and interesting sounds. For the plugins, convolution reverb was used on sounds to add the melodic element and then resampled with granulizer for the drop. A lot of compression was used to make the sounds fatter and heavier. For the pads on the intro, granulizing was used. It starts with a pad I created, then I granulize interesting textures until it feels full. I then resample everything again in the granulizer and get the final pad.”

K3MARE – “I was responsible to arrange the whole third drop, so I resampled sounds from HXNSTY and myself, whilst messed around with the processing a lot. Vocoding and convolution reverb helped here! The break was made similar to that, Shekah made chords and leads and I arranged/chopped it together with everything else.”

SEDAMI – “For the main bass in the first drop I used an effect called corpus, that I put on a simple saw wave pluck in Serum, which made it sound really metallic. I then ran it through a frequency shifter and automated it. The basses on the fills and in the background were made using an effect called Spectral Time, which made them sound very ‘lasery’! At the end, I heavily processed all the sounds with compression and saturation."

SheKah – “The sound design in the bridge was made by K3mare and Sedami, I helped with the chords and melody in that part and here is a little explanation! First, I started by making a chord simple chord progression, being C#m, D, F, Fm. Then I used simple upper extensions being the 9th, 11th and the 13th in the chords! This are the results: C#m > C#m7(9), D > Dmaj7, F > Fmaj7(9), Fm > Fm7(9) (as you can see in the F to Fm going from a major to a minor chord is a very satisfying sound for the ear!) In each chord I used different voicing so it would have a much nicer colour to it! After this we started chopping the chords and started experimenting with the progression, and after that, we found something that we liked when we inserted the bass and as you can hear it does not land in a resting note when the ear wants it giving it an odd but nice feeling!”

StarSplitter – “Most of the basses and stabs in the background were either basses that Sedami sent me or parts of a drum loop that I threw into a granulizer. The sustains, however, were made from a technique I learned from a Dr. Ozi tutorial where you mess around with the rate on a phaser on a basic saw wave. I played around with different settings until I got a few sounds that I liked and then I layered them together to make it sound more full.”

Q6. (Question for each artist), which part of Seasick is your favourite (without picking your own part, if possible!)

All artists: “None of us really have a favourite part in the megacollab. We think all of it was a group effort and all of the sections are equally as important as the last.”

Q7. Give us 3 words to describe this megacollab.

All artists: “Adventurous, diverse and fun.”

You can pre-save 'Depths EP' right here, get ready for this awesome and epic EP coming out very soon!

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