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Remix Best Practices

What are some of the best ways for you to stand out from the crowd and make sure your remix is remembered by the judges to potentially win? here are 5 tips for you to use, to give you the best chance of winning!

The latest #FFAPROCHALLENGE contains both 'Chroma Control' by Devath, and 'Cipher' by Cadofox; two totally different tracks in their own rights, where the possibilities are endless in terms of what you can create on the remixes. Maybe some of these tips below will help you form your remix?


1: Form a game plan before starting your remix

It's important with any good remix, that you know what you are doing from the get-go. Have a plan in place, and how you want to tackle the remix. Are you going to start with drums, your own sound design to match the original, percussion sample selection, or something else? Having a plan beforehand will also help with tackling writer's block and general inspiration.

2: Use the stems provided

Of course, it would be stupid not to use the original stems? It's always good practice to use these stems for referencing, gaining an idea of where the remix is going to go, and how you can make it stand out.

3: Listen to other remixes

It's totally ok to listen to other remixes that are online and use that as inspiration too! Even listening to other popular remixes from bigger artists, to see how they put their original spin on the remix.

4: Collaborate, if you want to!

Collaborating on a remix can do many things, including: being much more fun to work on the track with a friend, learn how the other person works and form your ideas together and get creative with original sounds from one and other.

5: Make an alternative remix

With the current FFA producer challenge, there are two tracks available for remixing. Why don't you take the time to test out both tracks and send both? You could make one that is similar to your original style, then the other one could be a total, alternative version (such as a new genre, new BPM etc). The possibilities are endless!


Good luck to all that enter, join our Discord server to find out more information and how to download stems!

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