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🩸 Q&A w/ PARAVOID! 🩸

With the release of 'Cellar Dweller' just one day away (Friday), we asked some questions to the latest releasing artist on FFA, PARAVOID, a brand new alias in the heavy dubstep scene!

Check out the full Q&A below, including questions about what brought him into the dubstep scene, his style in general and much more:


Q1. Hello PARAVOID, and welcome to Full Flex Audio! We’ll start by asking you, how’s things going during this crazy time around the world?

"Surprisingly well! I feel like the sudden hiatus in my school/work routine has given me the opportunity to create and advance more as an artist."

Q2. For those that are just beginning to discover your style, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the dubstep scene?

"I was introduced to my first dubstep track in 2013 on the school bus in 3rd grade, and immediately fell in love with the genre. I began producing at 8 years old, switching from daw to daw until I settled on FL Studio. My love for music production has since then grew as I continue to create what I feel is the culmination of my emotions in the form of audio, and watching my friends as well as myself grow as artists pushes me to strive for improvement daily."

Q3. With a 3-track deal being signed up on FFA, what can the listeners of the label expect from your style? Will all 3 tracks follow a similar theme?

"I created the PARAVOID alias to follow a specific branding style with the intent of creating sinister and heavier dubstep, with a mix of my own personal sounds and styles. For me, the process of creating a track is less about the technical aspect and more about having fun and experimenting. The 3 tracks will definitely follow this dark and sinister theme, some darker and more sinister than others."

Q4. What advice would you give to upcoming artists in the dubstep scene, or music industry as a whole, who are just starting out?

"Be patient. Don't rush it. Like anything, developing a track takes time. It's easy to pump out a tune in a day, but the difference between a good and bad track is how much effort and time is put into it. It's super easy to tell which tracks were spent a good amount of time on and which weren't."

Q5. When writing music, what are some techniques that you keep in mind to avoid a writer’s block?

"I usually go into making a track with no sense of direction. I create a simple drum track and wing it hoping I come up with something cool, and it 9/10 times works. Then I spend about 2 weeks up to a month finishing and tweaking everything until I feel content."

Q6. What are your influences/inspirations into making your own music?

"I like the fact that I'm able to create. It's fun, gives me something to do, and hearing a final product that I'm proud of is really rewarding. As for what inspires me, it could be anything. Another tune, a piece of art, whatever gives me ideas."

Q7. Where do you see the future of electronic music going, especially dubstep?

"Dubstep is one of those genres that I can confidently say is one of the most versatile and quickly advancing genres not only in EDM, but in music as a whole. When you're the one creating all the sounds, the only limit is your own imagination. I think we have a lot of up and coming new talent and that Dubstep will continue to grow and change throughout the years. I'm really excited to see what the future brings!"

Q8. With the first track out of 3 being titled ‘Cellar Dweller’, what can you tell the listeners about that release?

"This track is definitely something I didn't plan on making. The inspiration comes from the few nights out of the month where I have really bad waking nightmares, so I manipulated my own fear into the first version of Cellar Dweller. Some parts of the track were even too creepy to be kept in the final version."

'Cellar Dweller' drops on all platforms TOMORROW!

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