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Q&A, With VYON!

Our final release of 2023 is nearly upon us, and it is with a highly talented, upcoming artist called VYON. 'Deep Entertainment EP' is a 4-track EP (1 intro, 3 main songs), featuring some of the deepest, low-end based songs to match the theme of this underwater, but also deep-centered release. Let VYON immerse you, behind the scenes of his upcoming EP...


Q1: The title "Deep Entertainment" suggests a rich and immersive experience. Can you elaborate on the themes or concepts that inspired the EP, and how did you go about translating those into your music?

"Basically I got really inspired from how incredible and powerful our mind is: I wanted this EP to be a metaphor between exploring the deep oceans (where there are a lot of unexplored places with undiscovered things) and exploring the deepest aspects of our mind, trying to represent this with low-end centric and textured sounds."

Q2: The production on "Deep Entertainment" is incredibly diverse. Can you share some insights into your creative process and how you approached crafting the EP?

"My creative process is based on having fun making things in strange ways I can say. All the tracks from the EP started from sound design sessions, then it was all about giving them a sense and a story to tell. I approached this EP trying to find something between riddim and neuro/deep-textured sounds."

Q3: Among the tracks on "Deep Entertainment," do you have a personal favourite or one that was particularly memorable to create?

"My favorite is the title track for sure. It’s the first track I made for the EP and making it made me discovered some new ways for new sounds that I used in the other tracks on the EP. Also it’s the one I like most for how it sounds in the end."

Q4: Electronic music often relies on cutting-edge technology. Were there any specific pieces of gear, software or sound designing that played a significant role in shaping the sound of "Deep Entertainment"?

"Actually I don’t use any crazy pieces of gears. As for hardware, I just have a macbook and speakers. Most of the software I use is Ableton stock effects and devices, i really love Ableton stuff. Besides that I use a lot Kilohearts stuff, Serum obviously, and a synth I fell in love with recently which is Pigments by Arturia."

Q5: As an artist on the rise in the electronic music scene, what are your aspirations for the future, and are there any collaborations or projects you're particularly excited about in the coming year?

"My main aspiration is to give an experience to remember to all the people who listen to my music, as I feel everytime I listen to a Space Laces track, and obviously going on having fun doing what I love most in the world. I can say I have something for next year… starting from early 2024 with a thing I’m already excited about. And obviously expect some other songs with my brother Irony too!"

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