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Q&A w/ Magic Bite!

With 'Psycho Tone' out now and available on all stores, we took some time out to ask Magic Bite some questions about his latest single, and what he has coming up in the next few months leading into 2021. Before we begin with the Q&A, check out 'Psycho Tone' below!


Q1. Welcome to Full Flex Audio, Magic Bite! How are things with yourself during this weird time across the world?

"We are all living in very strange times, but luckily I can´t complain, I can still make music so I am grateful for that"

Q2. For those listeners that don't know who Magic Bite is, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the genre of dubstep?

"It's funny because I started making music of a more commercial style, such as big room EDM, progressive house etc, but I felt that I needed something more than that.

I started to listen to tracks made by Skrillex and also examples of Space Laces sound design and I felt like I should try to produce something along the lines of what those guys were making."

Q3. Is there a meaning behind your artist name?

"No not really, I was just trying out some words that worked and I liked those ones the most as a combination."

Q4. What advice would you give to upcoming artists that are starting out in the dubstep scene?

"Don´t be afraid to be weird in terms of production, I mean you should try to make what you really want to make and be persistent; you're time will come!"

Q5. What tips do you keep in mind when approaching a writer's block?

"This is a really good question because I usually have many blocks. I try to leave music production for some time, one hour or two and I listen to artists that I really like and I see what they do best with their sounds."

Q6. What/who are your influences/inspirations into making your own music?

"As I said, I love Space Laces, to me he is the best producer out there. Skrillex still surprises me too and another artist that I really like actually is Kill Feed."

Q7. What’s next for Magic Bite over the next few months?

"Still working on a lot of new music and maybe get to finishing my new EP, who knows!"

Q8. Where do you see the future of electronic music going, especially dubstep?

"It is difficult to answer that question, because you never know what will happen. But I would say that music that used to be considered as 'underground' will become the most listened to music. Nowadays it is really difficult to surprise the average listener, and that is why we tend to want/need new sounds and ideas."

Q9. Sum up your track 'Psycho Tone' in 3 words!

"Psycho, Killer, Sound"


'Psycho Tone' is out now on all stores, go check it out for yourself!

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