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Q&A w/ Khamis! 🤑

We asked Khamis a few questions about his upcoming release on FFA, 'Crypto Gamble EP', what to expect from him in the future, and inspirations into this release:

Q1. Welcome back onto FFA, Khamis! For those that are just getting to grips with your name, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the dubstep scene?

"For those who don´t know, my real name is Darian and I live in Austria! When I was younger I used to not listen to music at all. Then a friend showed me a mobile game (around 8-9 years ago) which contained a Skrillex song. It all started to develop from there and I began producing music in march 2018."

Q2. What are the inspirations behind your EP, Crypto Gamble?

"I am really interested in Crypto Currencies, so I thought it would be a cool idea to make a crypto themed EP! There are crypto casinos, so there is Crypto Gamble. There are blockchain protocols, so I named a track Chorus Protocol. And finally, one track is called Euphoria Phase, which describes a very hectic phase of the market cycle."

Q3. Who or what influences you into making your own music?

"Oolacile, Leotrix and Aweminus are probably my biggest inspiration. Sound design, melodies and flow is often inspired by their works."

Q4. What are your short and long term goals in music?

"I don´t want to become famous or make money with music. I mean it would be nice, but that is not my goal anymore. I am doing this, so I can get in touch with my favourite producers one day and maybe even work together with them."

Q5. With dubstep always evolving, where do you think it'll go in the future?

"So far there have always been trends like, Brostep, Riddim, Briddim… and the newest one being Future Riddim. But I noticed that most producers (especially bigger producers) have found their own niche or style that they continue to make. So I personally think, that trends in electronic music will be less influential since many producers have already found what they want to create the most."

Q6. What are your favourite plugins for music production?

"Without the FL Studio stock plugin “Vocodex” I would basically not exist. I slam this one onto all my basses. I would say, that this plugin defines my style. For synths I use Serum and Vital. I often play my basses as chords."

Q7. What's your most favourite style of music, and what is your least favourite style of music?

"I would say that Future Riddim is my favourite genre of music, because it often has the wonderful Riddim flow, but also really cool melodies, that keep the tracks interesting. I don´t have a specific genre that I dislike, but I hate songs that are being played on the radio. They are the same songs every day and hearing the same stuff over and over again really gets on my nerves haha!"

Q8. Describe 'Crypto Gamble EP' in only 3 words!

"Futuristic, melodic, exciting."

Khamis' 'Crypto Gamble EP' drops on the 12th of October, make sure you pre-save this 3-track EP below!:

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