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Q&A w/ Cheap Thrill! 🃏

Cheap Thrill's latest EP release, 'Quick Tricks', is just around the corner!

We've got a few questions in store for Cheap Thrill, including how he got interested in the dubstep scene, what his least favourite style of music is, making connections in the scene and much more!

The first track from Cheap Thrill's EP is now up on our Soundcloud too, feel free to check it out below, plus pre-save the EP right here in time for the release date, March 4th!


Q1. Hello Cheap Thrill, and welcome to Full Flex Audio! For the listeners that are adjusting to your style in this scene, can you tell as a little bit about yourself, the music that you primarily create and what got you into this ever-evolving music industry?

"Thank you! It is a pleasure to be on the Full Flex Audio roster for 2021. For those who don’t

know me – Hi! I’m Cameron, I’m currently 21, and I got into dubstep when I was in 6th

grade – about 9 years ago. I kind of quit for a little bit, but then came back and now I’m

here! In terms of style, I’m not sure how to define my own style because I’m influenced by

everyone I listen to (even my friends), who are in turn influenced by who they listen to,

and so on. I think, however, with my new EP, there is a blend of classic sound design from

2014-2015 and modern sound design from 2019-now, which I utilize in all of my music."

Q2. For those artists who are just starting out, building up a style and so on, what advice would you give to artists like that who need some guidance?

"Make connections! It is so important for breaking into your local scene and on the EDM

scene as a whole. I literally would not be here in any capacity if it weren’t for my friends

and other connections with people I’ve made along the way. There have been so many

times where one of my friends were like “Hey, I know a guy!” and it has helped grow

myself and branch out into the scene, along with making some cool friends with that

aspect too."

Q3. What can the listeners expect from Quick Tricks EP?

"Expect nothing and everything at the same time. I did my best to make every song have a

different sound and feel than each other. You can expect Tearout, Colour bass, plain ol’

Riddim, and classic Dubstep all in one place!"

Q4. The dreaded writer's block...How do you avoid a block in creative processing?

"To be honest, when I have writers block, I just let it happen. I like to treat it as a natural

ebb and flow of the production process, and if I don’t have any ideas at the moment, that

means it’s probably not the right time to work on something right now. I usually only start

projects if I’m 100% into it, rather than trying to force something out and it possibly

sounding really bad."

Q5. Dubstep is a fast growing musical genre, with many different styles and flows being created on the daily. Where do you see the future of electronic music going, especially dubstep?

"I honestly think music as a whole is going to get more aggressive, but also soft melodic

stuff will be really popular too. I’ve noticed over the years how there is an upwards trend

with aggressive music, while at the same time, soft music rising up and becoming way

more mainstream too. It’s probably going to be super polarizing, naturally, but I think

that’s what’s going to happen in the future."

Q6. Every artist has their go to or favourite plugins to use when creating music. What are your favourite plugins/VSTs?

"OTT is my personal lord and saviour.

I also absolutely love the entire Kilohearts suite of plugins. I use them all the time majority

of the time. Especially Disperser. You will definitely hear where I used Disperser on this EP!

I also love the transient shaper on my drums. I’ve also started to get into Phaseplant

because I’ve been wanting to try other synth plugins for a while now.

Recently I’ve started really getting into Vital and playing around with that. I mostly just

use Serum and Massive right now, but as I learn more plugins, I’m definitely going to

diversify my catalogue of sounds and plugins being used on my projects."

Q7. Where do you start when working on tracks? Is it the drums, atmosphere, sound design or something else?

"I usually start with sound design/the drop; I’ll have a weird idea in my head, or I’ll just

mess around with my DAW and make something weird, then slap three OTTs on it and call

it a day! I am just kidding, or not. Sometimes I actually do that. Actually I do that a lot."

Q8. What's your favourite style of music? And what is your least favourite style of music?

"Personally, I like aggressive music like metalcore, hardcore, and post hardcore. My least

favourite music is Country. You could not pay me any amount of money to consciously

listen to Country. If I ever promote any country, assume I’m being held hostage!"

Q9. Do you have any other hobbies, besides music production?

"Yes! I do graphic design, video editing, and I like to mess around with designing roller

coasters a lot. Nolimits 2 is one of my favorite programs to put together some roller

coasters that I wish existed in the real world. I am one of those thrill seekers your mom

has warned you about!"


That'll do us for the Q&A today! Cheap Thrill's 'Quick Tricks EP' drops on March 4th, which you can pre-save below! #FFA066

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