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Q&A w/ AKRASIA! 🌲📺

Our latest Q&A is with none other than AKRASIA who is currently going through the release phase with his upcoming EP, 'CRYPTID'. A 4-track, devilish and daring release, that brings the heaviness back onto Full Flex Audio. Check out what he has to say about the EP below!


Welcome to Full Flex Audio! For those that don’t know about your style, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the dubstep scene?

My name is AKRASIA. I used to be known as “StarSplitter”, but I changed my alias name to fit the darker direction my music was going in, such as tearout and dark, experimental beats. I first found dubstep in 2014 after discovering Skrillex, but I didn’t start producing until 2018 when I really started to get into the genre.

Is there a meaning behind your alias name?

“AKRASIA” is a Greek word that means when someone acts against their judgment and morals through weakness of will. To be honest, I just came up with that name by searching for cool Greek words since I am half-Greek. AKRASIA just sounded really cool to me, so I ended up using it.

What advice would you give to upcoming artists in the dubstep scene, or music industry as a whole, who are just starting out?

Worry about improving as a producer and your sound before trying to submit to labels and grow yourself.

What can the listeners expect from your EP?

A multi-genre experience that brings back heavy and dark music to Full Flex Audio’s recent discography.

What are the inspirations behind your EP?

I took a lot of inspiration from Analog Horror series’ on Youtube since I love watching them. The teaser for the EP is even based around Analog Horror. As far as the actual music goes, I was really inspired by Getter, Swampz, Voysol, and HelaSex.

When writing music, what are some techniques that you keep in mind to avoid a writer’s block?

I just take a break from music and focus on other hobbies I have or just hang out with friends. That way I come back to music with a lot of fresh ideas.

Which track took the longest amount of time to make, and which track took the shortest amount of time to make from the EP?

“Cryptid”, the title track, definitely took the longest since it was the first track I made and I really wanted to make sure I was representing my musical abilities well for Full Flex’s audience. It took me so long to get all of the basses right as well. As for the shortest track, that goes to “Out of Luck” since it only took me a day or two of work to make the beat and add in Serenity’s vocals. I still had a lot of fun making it though.

What are your influences/inspirations into making your own music?

Horror movies are a great source of inspiration for making really dark tracks as the soundscapes they make are really cool. I also sample them sometimes in my music. I also take a lot of inspiration from 90s Hip Hop/Boom Bap because I love the drums they use and the atmospheres they create. Pandi and bsterthegawd are two producers that I take a lot of inspiration from when making beats.

What are your short and long term goals for music throughout 2022?

My only goal is to collab with more of my friends since I’ve barely worked with any of them.

Where do you see the future of electronic music going, especially dubstep?

I think that less and less producers will make darker and heavier music and the focus of dubstep will shift even more towards the more melodic side of the genre just because of how trendy it is to make right now.

What are your favorite plugins for music production?

Serum and Izotope Trash 2 hands down. Serum is the only synth I use for sound design pretty much since I’m too lazy to learn other ones. Izotope Trash 2 gives you really interesting results on basses with all of its presets.

Where do you start when working on tracks? Is it the drums, atmosphere, sound design or something else?

I always start by making drums. If your drums suck, it can completely ruin a track.

What’s your most favorite style of music? And what is your least favorite style of music?

My favorite style of music is definitely tearout. Tearout is the genre that made me discover the underground producing scene and helped me meet a lot of my friends. My least favorite genre is country because my family always listens to it and I’m sick of it at this point.

If music were removed from the world, how would you feel?

I feel like I wouldn’t be as much of a creative person since creating and listening to music always puts me in a headspace of deep thought and new ideas.

Do you have any other hobbies, besides music production?

Yes! I like to speedrun Super Mario 64 and I’m even considering streaming it in the future. Other than that, I love hanging out with my friends.


And there we have it! AKRASIA's latest EP, 'CRYPTID' comes ou on August 4th (Thursday). We have a full listening party going down early on our Discord server on August 1st, be there to hear the tracks in full!

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