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prox.bleep Q&A w/ 'Disease' Feature!

prox.bleep is a new artist on our ever-growing radar, and the feature from this upcoming artist on #SUIGEN06 is nothing short of sound design heaven!

Stream 'Disease' by clicking the image below! see what the artist's overall thinking was for the creation of 'Disease' and more.

Stream 'Disease' by clicking the image below!


How does 'Disease' fit into the overall compilation and how does it demonstrate the versatility of your music?

"I was very surprised to see how this compilation gathered such a variety of musical genres while still having a common "texture" or "theme". I was a bit afraid that my track would be too different and strange but in the end, from an aesthetic point of view, I think it goes pretty well! Regarding the versatility of my music, I have to admit I never really thought about it. I guess the new techniques I experimented with and the context for this track make it different from my other projects. Moreover, from a technical point of view, "Disease" is also born from a will to get out of the routine that was starting to settle when I was composing. In this sense, maybe we can say that it is a demonstration of "versatility" in my music."

What were some of the influences and inspirations for your track 'Disease'?

"I would say that people like Jim Kimchi, Woulg, Sunnk, and most of the artists I follow in general are big influences to me. I started this track after a talk with Jim Kimchi about our current musical goals and compositional tricks. He told me about his process behind "Satelite Therapy" and after the talk, I really wanted to try to make a track without the usual overthinking/working of every millisecond of every sound. I just followed the flow with this one! Another impetus for this track was the few really bad things that happened in my life and around me in at this moment. I guess music can sometime help to face difficult stages of life. Oh and I started noticing tinnitus in my right ear a few days before starting the composition, so the track was also kind of a test to see if I was still able to make proper music even with this problem."

How do you define your musical genre and style and how do they evolve and change over time?

"I guess my musical genre could be defined as either "Glitch" or "Hyperglitch", going off of my latest releases. When I started CAM (Computer Assisted Music), initially, I wanted to make progressive house and big room bangers. I think I deviated a little bit from my initial trajectory. It started with that, then, while looking for tutorials to use the highly popular Native Instruments' Massive, I stumbled upon a Virtual Riot stream and by the same time, bass music. Forsaking my dream to play at festival like Tomorrow Land one day, I made my first steps in sound design. After a big dubstep/riddim/glitch hop period, I started to get bored and looked for a different, experimental approach to make music. I came across a lot of artists such as Frequent, Culprate, Mr. Bill, ISQA, Woulg, and many many others thus slowly sinking me towards the intriguing worlds of neuro, IDM and now, glitch."


'Disease' releases as part of Sui Generis: Volume 6 on May 1st!

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