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Monthly Roundup (September 2022)

Spooky season is here, but September 2022 will be known as singles season with the two varyingly different tracks we released in this month.

First off, we welcomed Kyroshie to Full Flex Audio, with his first single on the label titled 'Antenna'. An eerie setup from the first second on this single, Antenna is a powerful, mood setter from Kyroshie. Stream the full track from this upcoming artist right here:

Then the second single from September was from another new artist to Full Flex Audio, called morningbell. 'stendhal syndrome' brought something totally different to the label, flowing with a trap/hip-hop kind of feel to the track, with ear candy and unique sounds in abundance throughout. This is one artist we will be keeping a keen eye out for in the future, as we watch morningbell's potential grow. Stream 'stendhal syndrome' here on Spotify!:

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