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Monthly Roundup: March 2020

Marching through March already! This year is flying past already, and we show no signs of slowing down!

The month was kick started by the release of 'Eradicate EP', from upcoming powerhouse in the scene, BODYSNATCHERZ. Featuring 4 tracks all of a bouncy and catchy aura, this release was a good sign of things to come for March. 'MOESNATCHERZ', the first track on the EP and a play on the 2 artists involved on the track, encouraged flow and style in abundance, with a remix to sum it all up by Katch at the end (which is weird in its own way!)

'Piledrive' and 'Dirt' further showcase the amount of wonkyness on this EP throughout the piece.

You can now stream and download the EP in full, on Soundcloud and many other major stores!

Shortly after this stellar EP release, we announced the third edition of 'Sui Generis', the mixed genres compilation series. Being the biggest edition of the series so far, we went all out on this release to really showcase the different styles, genres and ideas in the EDM scene, from drum and bass and dubstep, to experimental and glitch music. From the likes of Yokaze, O-Prime Delta, Cleu, TaDa, Vrodex and many more names, we truly think this release is suited to every listener of the EDM scene. Check out the full release below and let us know what you think/what your favourite track is!

Now, onto March in stats!

This time last year, we racked up 17.4k plays in March...

Now it's over 30k! Speaking of 30k, COLY & DVRE's track 'Psycho' reached 30k plays in total this month! Much love to those guys for sending the track over to FFA and for the reception that it has received since the EP was released in December.

We've got plenty more releases lined up for April, starting with the release of WELON's debut EP 'Boom Missile' on April 7th!

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