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Monthly Roundup (July - 2022)

It's time to bring back the monthly roundups on Full Flex Audio!

We take a quick look back on July, one month which was a quiet one to say the least!

Just before July started, we ended June with the 'Bongus & STRUKT (The Remixes)' EP, featuring 8 different remixes from a variety of artists.

You can check out all 8 remixes right here!

Then came July, we released a fabulous track by upcoming artist, Cadilius. 'Mars' encapsulates everything that we look to offer as a label on Full Flex Audio; unique, engaging and interesting styles, one which listeners will keep coming back to, for the listening experience.

You can stream 'Mars' on any platform you want, below:

FInally, towards the end of July, we announced the upcoming EP, from heavy-hitter, AKRASIA. If you have been missing the heaviness from FFA as of late, then you are in for a treat for this EP! Heavy, tearout, contorted synths, distortion rap, and a whole lot more encapsulates this 4-track project from AKRASIA.

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