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Monthly Roundup: January 2020

What a way to kick start the new year, new decade! In January, we announced the first episode of a brand new series, titled 'Trinity'; aimed at promoting three tracks at a time, for FREE! This is a unique way to present free downloads (with a mix of genres too!) in a comic-book styled approach with a modern, Full Flex Audio twist. The release itself featured 3 new artists on FFA, those being STRVFE, Digital Reject and MSF, also featuring an artist that has released on FFA many times before, Nosphere.

'Destiny' (above) showcases a pure dubstep style all the way from Hungary, with both MSF and Nosphere hailing from the diverse country. Each moment of the track has unique twists and turns, to leave you wanting more from this devastating track.

'Fax Machine' by Digital Reject is a brilliant track of the experimental trap variety, with tonnes of flare and turning points throughout. Digital Reject is one artist you should look out for on FFA in the very near future!

And finally, 'Retsu' by STRVFE (meaning 'violent' in Japanese) is true to the track title, with sound design from a different planet! The drums hit hard in the mix and rounds off the release perfectly, as a 3 track unit.

You can download the full edition of 'Trinity: Episode 1' on our Soundcloud page below!

January didn't just end with the first edition of Trinity, we also announced a packed EP release with upcoming artist, DKKAY, titled 'Judgement EP', due to release on February 3rd, 2020. Featuring collaborations with MAD DUBZ & PYROSITE, along with a remix curated by Kronomikal, the EP showcases how good the underground sound is, with the artists coming together to make a fantastic, well rounded release.

Now, for January, in stats! Last year, we hit 19.7k plays on Soundcloud in total.

Here's what January looks like, fast forward one year!

Let's get stuck into February!

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