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Monthly Roundup: February 2020

Continuing on from January which was a very busy month, February shows no signs of slowing up! To kick-start the new month, we unleashed 'Judgement EP' by DKKAY. Featuring 2 different collaborations with PYROSITE and MAD DUBZ, followed up by a Kronomikal remix, this EP release showcases the best of the underground scene, from a variety of different styles and vibes.

You can stream the rest of the EP on Soundcloud, along with 'Shift Dub', below!

Shortly after 'Judgement EP', we announced another EP in February, by upcoming artist NKRO, titled 'Neoteric EP'. As the title suggests, this young prodigy from Romania brings a modern twist to the scene, with pulsating tracks such as 'Neoteric' and 'Bitchslap VIP', whilst also dropping some more simplistic vibes from 'Mr. Sax' and 'Forneus'.

Forneus also got an exclusive write-up on 'The Electric Hawk', in the build up to the release of Neoteric EP (which you can read below!):

The full EP is out now and expect to see more of NKRO on FFA in the near future!

Now onto February in stats! Just like January, we saw a very positive increase in stats on Soundcloud:

From 16.8k plays this time last year, the total amount of plays has risen by +17.8k, more than double! With February past us and in the books, we have a very busy March to look forward to, including the packed EP release with BODYSNATCHERZ, titled 'Eradicate EP' along with a new instalment of a certain compilation series closer to the end of the new month...

Get ready for some more Full Flex Audio heat!

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