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Monthly Roundup: April 2020

April was a strong month, bringing in some new upcoming artists across the world!

It all started with the release of WELON's debut EP, 'Boom Missile'. The hydraulic style that WELON possesses at just 14 years old is quite incredible to us, and we are 100% sure that this artist is next up on the path to greatness in the dubstep/EDM scene. The difference between 'Snake Murmur' and the title track 'Boom Missile' goes to show exactly what he is all about and how diverse he can be in the same genre, same BPM. 'Terminal Jam' also got released for free, which is another big bonus for all you fans out there wanting a brand new slapper of a track! Exille was also welcomed back onto FFA (since his last release 'Erebus EP') to jump on a Terminal Jam remix.

Stream the full EP on our Soundcloud page below!:

After 'Boom Missile EP', we launched the second edition of the 'Trinity' series (more free music!?). Featuring 3 tracks that make the Trinity series so unique:

Track 1: A collaboration between Seker & ZetheX, titled 'Override', which combines multiple different styles and ideas into one track, leaving the listener guessing at every turn.

Track 2: 'Danger Zone' by OCTANE features the bouncy riddim style that we know and love, keeping the listener engaged all the way throughout the twists and turns of the track.

Track 3: 'Get Up' by DVEIGHT is the final piece to the Trinity puzzle; bone-crunching bass-lines and drums that will knock your head clean off, this is a massive track and like the rest of Trinity 2, cannot be missed for FREE!

Stream 'Trinity: Episode 2' below and get at your free download!:

Take a look below into the top played tracks of April, 2020!:

Next month, we've got even more music for you to feast on, including MIDN!GHT's fast paced 'Industry EP', which is already OUT NOW!

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