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'Mars' Timelapse Journey w/ Cadilius!

Cadilius' latest single titled as 'Mars' comes out on all stores tomorrow!

In the meantime, we have a website exclusive for you all; a timelapse journey through Mars, by Cadilius, detailing some points you need to look out for when it comes round to the release date on Monday (including audio snippets of certain parts of the track!)

Firstly, make sure you pre-save Mars for tomorrow's release date:


Cadilius - Mars (Timelapse Journey...)

0:00- I wanted the song to start with these cool space-shippy sounds to kind of lock in the theme.

0:14- The song progresses pretty quick. Didn’t feel it was necessary for the intro and build to drag.

0:31- when making this drop, I really focused on matching the groove of the lead synth with the groove of the chords. I made sure everything was dry so the listener could really hear the space between the notes.

0:59- This section actually didn’t exist in early versions of the track, but after receiving feedback about the length of the drop I added it in. I’m really glad I did since it’s one of my favorite parts of the track.

1:16- Coming up with a section after a drop is always difficult for me. This track was no different. I really love drum machine sounds, and they happened to fit the vibe so I put them in. I also put that Phil Collins reverb on it to spice them up.

1:55- This section is interesting because it marks the transition point from swung to straight. I did this by gradually, by hand, moving the swung notes from the piano closer and closer to the grid.

2:15- The second drop contains mostly the same elements as the first drop excluding the main lead of course. Since the new lead cuts through the mix more I didn’t feel it was necessary to emphasize the groove as much so the chords and lead match less throughout the second drop.

2:44- The outro of this track is one of my favorite parts just because of how unexpected it is. Once again, I love drum machine sounds so I combined that with a soundfont piano to make a sweet little bossa nova outro.


Comeback to this page tomorrow, once Mars is out on all stores and you can relive the timelapse journey in your own time <3

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