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Lurid Tales 5, Q&A! 🎃

As spooky season is upon us, we gather round for the latest Q&A featuring 5 artists on this year's Lurid Tales release. Let's get started!



Q1: Artist Introduction

- Can you tell us about the inspiration and creative process behind your track on "Lurid Tales 5"?

"The song originally started as a bootleg of a different song. However I ended up liking the drop so much that I decided to turn it into an original. I wanted to collaborate with Kino for a good while so I sent him the drop idea and he was down to work on it.

He wrote insane guitar parts which fit perfectly with the whole atmosphere of the song and set the tone for the heavy drop.

Q2: Favorite Song

- Among all the tracks featured on Lurid Tales 5, which one is your personal favourite and why?

"That's very hard for me to say since I handpicked all of the songs myself for this comp. Can't really pick a favorite on this one haha."

Q3: Production Insights

- Could you share some production techniques you utilized to create the atmospheric and eerie sounds in your track for the compilation?

"Resampling with FL granulizer and layering definitely helped me to achieve the heavier sound I originally created for this song."

Q4: Future Projects

- What can your listeners expect from your upcoming projects or releases, especially in the context of the unique sounds explored in the compilation?

"This is my very last release under the ‘DOOM THESIS’ project. I’m going to kick off 2024 with a rebrand and a new sound. I hope that listeners are going to enjoy this new style! I’m looking forward to it… more info tba."

Q5 (for all):

- What are your favourite memories growing up of Halloween?

"Going from door to door & getting money instead of candy was definitely surprising when I did trick or treating for the first time in Belgium haha. That money was used to invest in more candy, obviously :D"


Artist 2: Shaderize

Q1: Artist Introduction

- Describe the concept and musical elements that define your track on "Lurid Tales 5". How did you infuse eerie or haunting elements into the track?

"I like making some sounds here and there… I also like orchestral music.. I wanted to make a song that was a split between some underwater gurgly, some ominous eldritch type shit, but infused orchestral sounds, almost like it's trying to stop itself from drowning…that, or its just some granularised sounds with orchestral on top of it! Not that deep…;)"

Q2: Favourite Song

- From Lurid Tales 5, which track resonates with you the most as a favourite, and what about it appeals to you?

"‘XUMA - Gods can die, too’ this is the type of music I'm tryna cook... I have heard the full thing, and I can't wait for people to hear it as well, it's like a better version of my track, or my tracks even. So much flavor and spectacle man.."

Q3: Creative Process

- Can you elaborate on any unexpected challenges or surprising moments that occurred during the creation of your track for "Lurid Tales 5", and how you overcame them?

"My track is a third version of an already existing track on my soundcloud page called ‘Mud’.. Then one day I started producing Cascade, and you can find a different version of it somewhere in my page, and once I almost submitted my track, I thought to myself that there will be a lot of people listening to this, so I felt like I actually had to try making something proper, with the small deadline that I essentially gave myself… maybe it was a hidden blessing, but that's definitely something im trying to work on, always making last minute changes when I could have made something great from the start!

Q4: Collaborations

- Are there any artists, within or outside this compilation, that you'd be particularly excited to collaborate with in the future?

"Muerte!! Don't know if that will ever happen, but that would be pretty dope. Really anyone who makes orchestral dubstep, or trap, or whatever.. I think we could cook."

Q5 (for all):

- What are your favourite memories growing up of Halloween?

"Good question, nothing really comes to mind.. Couple of years ago, I do remember getting drunk and watching all the Saw movies with my friends.. It was a real blast,not really scary though! Funny as fuck mate.""


Artist 3: Damori

Q1: Artist Introduction

- Could you shed some light on the technology or gear you utilised in producing your track for the Lurid Tales 5? How did these tools contribute to the spooky ambiance of your music?

"I didn’t use any special gear to make ‘Infinite’, but I did use some sick granulizer techniques in the song. These techniques added the meat over the bun for the atmosphere or mood I was trying to make."

Q2: Favourite Song

- Within Lurid Tales 5, which song do you find particularly captivating or enjoyable, and what aspects of the track stand out to you?

"I would say that my favourite song from the compilation is the Switching Faces tune. The sheer rawness of the drops with the chants over the snare really take it for me."

Q3: Musical Evolution

- How do you feel your style and approach to music production has evolved, especially in the context of contributing to themed compilations like Lurid Tales 5?

"I feel like I have improved greatly in such a short time. Ever since my rebrand, I entered a state in which so many creative ideas were coming to me left and right, and it has enabled me to grow as a producer. My style has been relatively the same, but I can reinforce that style with improved sound design and songwriting. I hope to get even better and better and increase my repertoire with new styles and techniques."

Q4: Advice to Aspiring Producers

- What advice would you give to budding electronic music producers who are looking to create atmospheric or spooky tracks like the ones in this compilation?

"I would say to look for old horror movies or even anime, like my tune. Many of the sound effects that I added on ‘Infinite’ are from Naruto, more specifically towards the end. I would also think of a theme that contributes more to adding whatever type of atmosphere you are trying to add in your track. Otherwise, that’s it."

Q5 (for all):

- What are your favourite memories growing up of Halloween?

"I never really celebrated Halloween as a kid, but I do remember going trick-or-treating when I was 12. It was really fun."


Artist 4: SVRGXON

Q1: Artist Introduction

- How did you approach the arrangement and composition of your track for Lurid Tales 5 to evoke a sense of spookiness or Halloween atmosphere?

"I just used some dark harmonics, to get an evil feel to my intro and breakdown. For drop I rarely used any melodic or chord related instruments and fully focused on weird sounds that are heavily processed."

Q2: Favorite Song

- Among the various tracks featured on Lurid Tales 5, which one do you resonate with the most personally, and what elements of the track appeal to you?

"I’m really into heavy snares so I have to say that Switching Faces tune does it for me. Though every track on the comp has an outstanding vibe and fits the theme."

Q3: Artistic Influences

- Are there any specific artists or genres that have had a significant influence on your music production, especially in the context of creating eerie or spooky atmospheres?

"There are a few like Marauda who I look up to. Break is also a pretty genius artist of a dark sound I aspire to. Otherwise artists like DVEIGHT, Astaroth or Canoto are mixing/sound design wise my inspiration."

Q4: Live Performance

- Can you share any plans or aspirations you have for performing your music live in the future?

"First artist set of my life in Gotha with Switching Faces in Gotha 11.11 and after that hopefully some more. I'm will try my best to deliver the energy of my music to the crowd and maybe I will get booked again if it hits the spot."

Q5 (for all):

- What are your favourite memories growing up of Halloween?

"Wasn't quite a Halloween fan in my early days, tho I liked the sweets that were around this time for free :D"


Artist 5: kyzyl

Q1: Artist Introduction

- Could you delve into the production techniques you employed to create the distinct soundscapes in your track for the "Lurid Tales 5" compilation, aligning with the Halloween theme?

"I believe its the 808 combined with the wind chimes that give the track its eerie feeling. In order to get that sound I applied several instances of ring mod to a random 808 and distorted the high end while leaving the low-end dry. There might be a liiiitle reverb too lmao."

Q2: Favourite Song

- From the "Lurid Tales 5" compilation, is there a track that stands out to you as a favourite, and what about that particular track do you find inspiring or intriguing?

"There is no way I can decide between Shaderize’s and Xuma’s, both amazing pieces in their own right. Though i must say “Cascade” is as uncanny as a track can get, gives me actual goosebumps."

Q3: Experimentation

- Did you experiment with any new sounds, instruments, or production methods while working on your track for the compilation?

"The entire second drop is unusual for me, i made “iseeyou” when i used to listen a lot of Take/Five and similar trap artists and wanted to give a shot to a drop with the timpani drum sample. I think it worked out great!"

Q4: Music and Emotions

- How do you believe the atmosphere and emotions conveyed through your track on Lurid Tales 5 align with your overall musical expression and artistic vision?

"Instead of aligning with the rigid box i put myself in while producing, iseeyou actually proved i can pull off my style without it being too heavy. Definitely a turning point for my overall artistic vision."

Q5 (for all):

- What are your favourite memories growing up of Halloween?

"Growing up in Turkey i can’t say i lived the proper Halloween experience but we had a family friend who would throw costume parties around Halloween time. I remember being dressed as a cowboy and a crocodile 💀."


Lurid Tales 5 drops on all platforms and streaming services, on the spookiest day of the year...October 31st! Grab your copy right here, and we cannot wait for you all to hear this fantastic line-up of songs.

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