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🎃 Lurid Tales 3, Track Stories...

Each tale has a unique story, and we have 6 different track stories to present to you today.

Find out how each of the following 6 tracks were created, ideas behind the creative process, and much more!

Pre-Save 'Lurid Tales 3' here, for tomorrow's release day:

Korva's story, behind 'Heretics':

"Every song I make starts as a scene. For Heretics, that scene was coming face to face with someone you’ve been told to despise, and recognizing their humanity. When you’ve had it hammered into you that some kinds of people are dangerous by nature, that they’re subhuman, corruptive influences, staring one in the face and realizing they’re just people can be a shock to the system. Alienation is a big theme in the story I want to tell with my music, and I put it front and centre here. Had a lot of fun leaning into the music theory on Heretics as well. I knew from the start that I wanted to go a bit harmonically unsettling, so I leaned into tritones and descending semitones and wound up with something I really liked the sound of. It’s dark, but it has an upbeat bounce to it, and I’ve always enjoyed playing with that dynamic."

Ynvariant's story, behind 'Where We Lurk':

"Before I wrote “Where We Lurk” I had already started drafting story for an EP. Full drawings, storyboards, paragraphs of drafts but the short version without spoiling much is this: A character simply known as “The Boy” is stranded in a wasteland searching to fill the void in his heart. On his journey, the tired, innocent child who sought out love was taken in by a pitch black sea of eyes known only as “The Watchers”. [That’s all I can give without spoiling anything haha]. Where We Lurk is written from the point of view of “The Watchers”. They lie in the darkness waiting to be sought out. Anyone speaking to “The Watchers” are making a deal with a devil of sorts, and all those deals come with a price This song is in essence, the start of a story I have wanted to realize for the past 4-5 years. I hope everyone can resonate with it and wait in anticipation for the stories I have to tell. I’ve wanted Ynvariant to just grow beyond music you can listen to for a very long time and now, with the release of “Where We Lurk”, I feel I have finally found the purpose of the music, visual art, and writing I have been doing in complete silence. I hope everyone who hears this song can look forward to the worlds I want to orchestrate from here on out."

StarSplitter's story, behind 'Mourn':

"For my track "Mourn", I really wanted to focus on the dark themes that Lurid Tales is supposed to bring forward. My main inspiration for these dark lofi-ish beats that I've been making lately is DREVM. If you haven't checked them out, I highly recommend doing so! My other inspirations were Cure97 and 90's boom bap in general for the 2nd drop, though (I love halftime)! I put a lot of work into the track, so I hope you all like it!"

Neddie's story, behind 'Hadal Zone':

"My tune Hadal Zone was a tune themed after the deep ocean, so while making the song I was really focused on getting that eerie atmosphere, which ties to the title: 'Hadal Zone'. The hadal zone is a scientific term for the deepest depth classification of the ocean, so I was doing my best to convey that feeling all throughout. The drop was an experimentation on getting a really bouncy flow while going toward the heavy side of stuff, and I think because there's more atmospheric elements in the drop compared to what I normally put in drops, it fed into the whole deep-sea theme. I pulled a lot of inspiration from the game Banjo Kazooie, specifically a level called "Clanker's Cavern" where at one part, you have to dive very deep underwater to free a giant cyborg-shark-whale-hybrid from some chains. In that level though, there's some insanely eerie underwater music which I pulled inspiration from for the midsection, which is easily my favorite part of the song. Overall, Hadal Zone is my favourite tune I've ever released and I'm very thankful to be releasing it on Full Flex Audio!"

Kaval's story, behind 'Evil Presence':

"Evil Presence" is a reference to the Eye of Cthulhu fight from the game Terraria, when you're about to fight it, the game shows the line: "An evil presence is watching you..." I've even used a riff from the boss fight soundtrack in the second drop! I've been wanting to make a Terraria themed track in a looong time since it's one of my favourite games, so I'm glad I finally did it with this one! And it won't be the last."

DREER's story, behind 'III' with Riptidal:

"Coming together for the first time, DREER and Riptidal combine their creative efforts into the track "III", a track that is writhe with chugging basslines and eerie melodies. The track is aptly titled as it features in many areas the motif of the number 3; the track is at 111BPM, releasing on the third instalment of Lurid Tales, and contains three drops. The track came about naturally after a mutual support around their releases on FFA's Underground Unit: Sector 5, with the outset of both of them to create something wholly outstanding in their next entry into FFA's catalogue of music. Having made the track in breakneck speed, these two do not disappoint with this 4 minute collaborative monster.

Lurid Tales 3 will be unleashed on all stores tomorrow and we still have 6 tracks to show you all! We cannot wait to show you all the rest of the compilation, a diverse, spooky unit of a release.

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