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'Frij - Liminal' (Timestamp Journey)

We hope you are all enjoying 'Sui Generis: Volume 5', which has now already been out for more than a week across all the stores and streaming services (crazy to think that!). Today, we have even more content from the compilation, that being a timestamp journey into Frij's rollercoaster of a track, titled 'Liminal'. Frij is going to take you through each part of the track and describe his thought processes and more, into this stacked track...

Firstly, get ready to hit play below, and follow the timestamps to get a glimpse into the mind of the artist!


00:02 - I wrote this track linearly, starting with a chord progression I've been playing around with for the last 6 months that was revamped to fit a more laidback, lo-fi sound. Electric piano is a given in most of my chill tracks. I also overlaid tremolo strings to add to the organic atmosphere.

00:24 - In this verse section, I took extra care in creating a catchy melody line with a nice reverb tail that punches through the sparser arrangement. I wanted this section to be bouncy like a chromonicci track, and initially I thought the entire track would be on the funkier side.

00:46 - Lead is doubled with electric piano an octave lower. I fill in the gap in the hi-hat pattern and overlay more drums for a thicker sound.

1:08 - The tremolo strings come back in this pre-drop section and serve as a focal point for the chord progression to dance around. The chords steadily build in tension and volume, until...

1:30 - release. We are now laying on the ground looking up at a beautiful, clear sky. I wanted this drop to embody the feeling of being at peace, being able to have some space to breathe and relax.

1:52 - A soaring lead melody starts here, like a single bird interrupting, yet complementing the tranquil clear sky.

2:17 - The verse section returns, and the bassline is brought out and given some bite here by doubling it with electric piano. I think melodic basslines are underrated and love to give bass a spotlight when I can.

2:39 - The catchy Melody from the first verse is brought back here doubled an octave lower. To create contrast between the first and second drop, I decided to not have another build-up after this verse and go straight into it.

3:01 - I tend to make my second drops completely different from the first instead of deriving them from the first. In this case, I went for a bouncy, melodic future bass style with filtered supersaw chords that slowly open up over the course of the drop. There's a lead solo throughout the entire drop, with occasional motivic riffs that loosely anchors it to the chords. In general, a lot of the sounds I used in this track have filter envelope work to give the sounds a little more shape.

3:23 - Here I doubled the lead solo with the verse lead an octave lower for a fuller sound.

3:46 - I reused the first drop material - just without drums or bass - which I think worked well as an atmospheric outro.

4:02 - From here until 4:09, the track slows down steadily almost 30 BPM to give this track a sense of finality and put extra emphasis on the last melodic bits. From there, it's just a steady fade out of the reverb tails.


Massive thanks goes out to Frij for providing us with this very in depth look into 'Liminal' from an artist's perspective, featuring all the little intricate details in such a jam packed track.

Remember, you can download and stream 'Liminal' by Frij, plus the rest of SGV5 on any store or streaming platform of your choice, right here:

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