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Korva Q&A!

Korva, the creator of 'Punks' is a throwback to the good old days, something that the various scenes do miss nowadays! We asked Korva some burning questions about what makes her track so special, and more.


- What are some elements that make this track funky and groovy?

"I’ve been putting a lot of work into fine-tuning the bounciness of my tracks lately. The drums are a huge make or break factor for that - keeping them tight and punchy goes a long way towards making it hit right. I treated a lot of the individual parts like they were percussion and kept them tight as well, and I think that really paid off. Punks really has that classic moombahcore bounce.

- How does this track fit into the compilation?

"Having Punks come in at the halfway mark after the interlude makes it a real statement piece. It’s bright, it’s jumpy, it’s got attitude. From the start it was supposed to embody that vibe of “and now for something completely different,” and the placement is perfect. Really happy with how it came out and stoked that it got included, cause it’s in very good company."

- What are some examples of fun and flavourful sounds in this track?

"100% no-regrets nostalgia-fueled 2013 EDM sounds with modern-day polish - my musical happy place. Threw in a couple sound design tricks from today’s scene to spice it up though! Wound up feeding some random bass loops and homegrown tearout donks through a pitchmap and it just worked. It was fun as hell to make and I hope that shines through."

- How does this track make you feel when you play it back and see other people's reactions to it?

"Takes me back ten summers ago to being one of the OG EDM Minecraft kids. It’s the kind of thing I would’ve been playing in a browser window while playing Super Craft Bros. As for other people, Punks has been the best-received tune I’ve ever sent around. I still have a hard time believing that this wacky woohoo throwback piece I made for fun has also been the one to get the most people excited! Makes my day to see it click for other people the same way it clicks for me. Hope it clicks with people the same way when it releases!"


'Punks' comes out on all platforms with the rest of SGV6 on May 1st!

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